trust relationship b/w this workstation and primary domain failed

I have been getting this a great deal at one of my sites.

The Domain Controller is running Windows 2003 Server (latest service packs)

The workstations are all identical hardware Windows 7 32bit.

The fix seems to be login as local admin
Remove computer from the domain by placing in a fake workgroup
Log Back in and add it back to the domain
Login as the user

The fix is simple enough, but silly old me I want to prevent the problem.

Has anyone else had this? If so do you know of a fix or what might be causing it?


-- Fletch :??:
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  1. I have been getting the same problem and ready to bang my head on the wall.
    I followed the instructions as described above but still getting the same:
    "the trust relationship between this computer and the primary domain failed"

    Windows 7 pro x64 -> Win server 2003

    Has anyone had any success in resolving this or some tips worth trying. I've tried looking through the 100's of forums with this issue but yet to find one that works.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ok after deleting entries on the DNS and DHCP, and every sniff off the computer off the server bar the actual profile data. Then all roaming profiles off the local machine then following the steps above about rejoining the domain.
    This seems to have worked for now.
    Hope this can help someone on this utterly frustrating situation
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  4. I forgot to mention the DHCP part. Basically you have to make the computer like it "never existed". It is frustrating as anything. I am only seeing it with my Windows 2003 server not on the 2008 environment. How about you?
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