Sugo SG01e Gaming Build - Critique away!

Ok, so I was going to build a Shuttle, but over the past few weeks I’ve slowly convinced myself that I’d prefer a Sugo. The Sugo just seems like it has a better upgrade path, especially with the ability to use a full ATX PSU. I will be using Newegg as a reference, but will be ordering parts from all over. This is primaraly a gaming build that I hope to OC with the new Abit MicroATX Mobo. This is my first SFF build, so please feel free to add any comments! I certainly appreciate the help!

Silverstone Sugo Build:

Case - SGO1e Silver

PSU - Silverstone SST-ST60F 600w Modular PSU

CPU - Intel C2D e6600

Heatsink - Silverstone SST-NT06

Video Card - EVGA 8800 GTS KO 640mb

Memory - Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) DD2 800 (PC 6400) <---- not to sure about the ram!

Hard Drive - Western Digital Raptor 150gb 10,000prm

Monitor - NEC 20WMGX2 20.1” Widescreen LCD <----- Have read some VERY good things!

Motehrboard - Abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD

So what do you all think? Good build or do I need to adjust a few things? My budget is between $1,800.00 - 2,200.00.

Thanks for the help all!!
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  1. Eh, read about the cooling on that case. I bet it's not great. Mpilch should be here in a minute to check out the PSU. :lol:
  2. Looks similar to the system I am going to build. Take a look at this thread to compare notes and feedback: Powerful sys in a small box

    Why such a beefy 600W supply? I opted for a 450W modular supply from OCZ to minimize dangling cables and therefore maximize cooling.

    In my opinion, anyone with the budget should get a 24" LCD wide screen, 1920x1200 resolution, and preferably HDMI.

    Compared the ASUS mobo in my specs, what is the draw of the abit board?
  3. Thank for the replies.

    qwazzy, you now have me second guessing myself here lol. I haven't been able to find anything about the cooling of the Sugo so far. Would you suggest I go back to a Shuttle build or swap in an Antec p180, look for a new PSU and get a full ATX Mobo? I really wanted to go SFF, but proper cooling and PSU are a big concern.

    jadeite, I'm not sure the draw of the abit board. I had heard that it might OC better than other micro boards. I considered going 24", but I just don't have the room and the girlfriend would freak lol. I choose the PSU for the whole passive cooling solution in the Sugo and to give myself some futur proof. I guess it is a bit too much. I decided not to buid the Shuttle, because I was concerned about the PSU, I was kind of hoping the SD39P2 would come with a 450w PSU if I decided to upgrade the 8800 GTS.

    Thanks again and keep um coming!
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