Magic Tune and Vista?

After purchasing ne 225BW Samsung, I installed Magic Tune 3.6 that came with it, but it said that "my system does not support Magic Tune".
Then I downloaded new MT, especially for Vista 32 bit, installed and got the same error...
Also, when I press "auto" butoon on monitor, it says "auto adjustment not available"...
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  1. Uninstall magic tune,then reboot your system in safe mode and then re-install magic tune.Hopefully it will fix your issue.Goodluck.


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    2X EVGA 7950GT KO IN SLI
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  2. Good thinking.
    Several times I had to install stuff in safe mode cuz Vista gave me headaches...
    I'll try. Thanks.
  3. Quote:
    Uninstall magic tune,then reboot your system in safe mode and then re-install magic tune.Hopefully it will fix your issue.Goodluck.
    Almost correct. Uninstall Vista and re-install XP SP-2. Haven't you read this thread? Welcome to the nightmare! (You're gonna load everything from safe-mode??? 8O )
  4. I would suggest you try vista yourself before you go about spouting sh!t off that you have no idea about.
  5. Quote:
    I would suggest you try vista yourself before you go about spouting sh!t off that you have no idea about.
    ... and you're certain of that, based on what???

    Stuff a sock in it, puppet boy.
  6. I have vista since day one and I'm extremly of the rare lucky ones to who everything works. Except TV tuner... :D

    I tried installing in safe mode yesterday but didn't pull trough because it installs Microsoft C++ library and that cannot be installed in SF.
    Any other suggestions?
    I REALLY need to adjust my brightness/contrast/collors properly...
    Menu on monitor itself just isn't good enough...
  7. Quote: of the rare lucky ones to who everything works. Except TV tuner...
    Huh???? :?:
  8. I have Vista and everything works. Except TV card.
    What's not clear about that? :?:
  9. If everything works, there is no exception.
  10. Quote:
    If everything works, there is no exception.

    Semantics. You are really bored, arent you? :D
  11. Is your video card supported my magictune? My x1950pro is not. Check it out here:
  12. No, seems that 800 series is not supported...
    Curses! Now what?!?
    How can they be so negligent?!?!
  13. I have an 8800GTS and I thought I had it working. I'll try it again later and get back with you.

    Edit: Ok I tried it. I had downloaded it from the site cause the disc version was not supported by Vista. I tried to install it twice. The first time it asked if I wanted to "modify, repair or uninstall, so it must have been installed already, did a reboot no shortcut no program. Did it again, let me install this time reboot still no action. Could be one of the start up programs that the message says it is blocking. Dont need it anyway, monitor looks great (204B)
  14. I have had the same problem but thats ok coz I dont really need it. The problem I have now is that I cannot uninstall it and I get the anoying and useless popup every time I boot up. No uninstall in start menu and nothing in the program options in controll panel.
  15. Profiler - Check this page:

    And look at:

    QuickGamma is old, but does work on Vista (I have V64), and can be used to adjust and calibrate color. Though in the interests of only adjusting color from ONE place, I displayed the test screens, set Brightness (WHY are monitors always set so stupidly bright from the factory???), and used my nVidia control panel to make a some small R/G/B adjustments. Once the monitor was no longer so mind-numbingly and obnoxiously bright, I only needed to change the actual colors a few %. Looks great!

    {EDIT} Never mind... Just noticed the original post is almost a year old...
  16. download the vista ver m8 =) have the version working i think.
  17. V64 and MagicTune are a right pain.

    Just setting up my new Vista machine, got a 226BW, followed the link in the paperwork (same as Angelboy posted) and get that damned "system does not support MagicTune" message.

    It's quite possibly a compatability issue with some of the other stuff I'm installing (security apps), etc, but it's a minefield.

    And guess what, half the fuctions on the awkward buttons on the bottom of the screen itself have given up now too. Hmph.

    Maybe I'll try installing it in safe mode - if I can work out how to uninstall it first. It doens't show up in the Windows 'Uninstall or Change Progam' list or in my CCleaner uninstall tool. Double hmph.
  18. Try this:

    MagicTune Premium for VISTA 64Bit International Download (version 2.0.07)
    Please uninstall previous version before installing MagicTune Premium.
    MagicTune Premium is for 64bit VISTA OS.
  19. Okay, so, here's my 0.02

    You may like Vista all you want, but for many (including me) the operating system was a major source of frustration, and more importantly, lost productivity.

    When a simple monitor driver doesn't work for you, it can bum you out, if it doesn't work for me, it affects my profitability and the quality of my work.

    That's why I uninstalled Vista and went back to Win xp. Magic Tune worked on Win xp. It didn't on Vista. (And I have a Radeon 4850.)

    To be fair to Microsoft, they didn't write the Magic Tune. But I've just installed Win 7 and Magic Tune still doesn't work. If I can get my other drivers to work with Win 7 (which I suspect I'll be able to) then I'll move to it full time. But if I can't do my work, then it's back to XP.
  20. And only eight months late to the party!
  21. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I bought my Samsung 24", and IT DOES WORK! I'm not sure what the bug is, but I found out it is kind of a hit- and-miss type deal. What you do is when you get that error message and it pops up with that go to help screen, shut your computer down and restart it. 99.9% of the time it will work fine once you restart it. Like I said, hit & miss. Just when ever you get that error, just repeat the same thing, and you should be fine. It's just a little annoying, but all that you can do with that Magic Tune, it's definitely worth it when it works.
  22. Important:

    If you have a digital LCD monitor, Auto Adjust does not work when you're using the digital DVI connection. If you try to use Auto Adjust when you've set your monitor to the Digital mode, the monitor displays the "Auto Adjust Not Available" message. To adjust the image, you must use the Windows Display Properties dialog or the software provided with your video card > my e-mail =
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