Random disconnects, any advice?

I have trouble with my net shutting off seemingly randomly. I have an adsl connection and am connected to an adsl router. When I disconnect I open network connections, disable my ethernet card and enable it again, which solves the problem.

It is not my ISP since I connect to the same connection via my laptop and had no troubles. These problems started occuring when I upgraded my new computer with a new motherboard, memory, graphics card.

It is also not my firewall since I had the same firewall/anti-virus program on my old computer with the same connection with no problems.

The disconnects are worse if I have more sockets open, for example using a p2p application, downloading multiple files, etc. It used to be manageable but now the problem is worse, disconnecting while I play an online game (which never happened before). I recently had my computer in the store to be fixed due to corrupt memory and I now have it back with a new windows and wiped hard disk and the problems seem worse.

I have an Asus A8r MVP motherboard with a Marvell Yukon ethernet card. I have the most recent drivers from Marvell. Any ideas?
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  1. If you have another nic card try it.

    Also run prime95 to test your whole system. Adjust the memory to fit your setup. This will see if you are have a MB/RAM/CPU problem. Check to see if the ram is being set to proper timing specs, use cpu-z for that.
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