core2due motherboard that supoprts EEC memory, WHERE????

Hi Guys,

I'm an experienced IT tech but well out of date with the latest tech. I am building a desktop that is used for work in the day and play/home at night so needs to be ULTRA reliable. Probably going back to Win XP Pro. Core2duo 4300/6300. Thing is I'm building from a reliability point (new to me) NOT performance chasing.

I cannot find - other than P5W64/P5W DH ANY motherboards that say if they support EEC memory. I am determined to use EEC memory to reduce crashes/problems - found cheap 1gb of 533 DDR2 EEC which should do the job. I contacted Gigabyte (most mfr's don't bother to list if they support EEC) and they told me they don't make such a board!

My critera are -

one fast graphics card preferably Nvidia as cheaper with dual DVI (am I correct in saying as I don't need dual I can use any pci-e card I like on any chipset?)
1 or 2 gb EEC ddr2 ram
SATA hdd's SATA 300 with IDE cd drive
giga lan (1 port)
Good sound (can use a card if needed)
Good usb 2.0, firewire helpful but not essential
Serial port if possible
RELIABLE, prefer fanless design
core2due support with future support if poss
overclocking adjustments for the cpu
Vista supported just in case I decide I want to be told I can't delete something on a regular basis and work my hard drive a lot.

Can anyone help me out with a suggestion - or even an indication as to what chipset has the capability? I'm beginning to feel that maybe only the 975x has eec support? It has got to be something solid that doesn't throw memory wobbly or incompatibiliy issues (like my old a7n8x - constant issues on all 5 machines I ran with those boards) and I don't care if it's 10% slower in some benchmark that's irrelevent as I'll be using word, not a benchmarking program.

Cheers! Greg.
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  1. My suggestion for that CPU is Intel D975XBX2 (BadAxe 2)
    info link:

    I am very pleased with that motherboard with C2D E6400 CPU on it.

    Hope it helps!
  2. Thanks for that, I will look into it. Am I right in saying only the 975X chipset supports EEC memory?

    Also I presume I can use either ATI or Nvidia Pcie cards, just I can't 2 nvidia's linked together on the 975X as it has ati support only?

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