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Lately my computer has generated a lot of noise. I've discovered that the main problem is noise from my hard disk (WDC WD800BB-00CAA1) and i wanted to know:
1) How can I reduce the noise of the drive?
2) Does it means that this drive is going to cause troubles (like bad sectors, stop working..)?

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  1. 1) You can either get a new hard drive that is more silent (Western Digitals new drives a very quiet, so are newer Seagates) or you can get an internal hard drive silencer. You could also try mounting the drive with rubber grommets/washers to reduce vibration sound.

    2) If your hard drive is making physical clicking sounds (like metal on metal) the you should definitely be worried because it is about to die. If the sound is just the usual hard drive access sound, it's probably not anything to be concerned about. Try defragging the drive and see if that helps any.
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