ATI X300 to eVGA 7600GS

I recently upgraded my OS to Vista Ultimate and my ATI Radeon X300 seems to be working fine.
I am not a gamer but use my computer mostly for spreadsheets and web browsing. I also do a little photo editing.
My question is whether or not I would notice any improvements if I upgraded my graphics card to the eVGA 7600GS that I can get for a good price?
My system is a Dell Dimension 8400, 3.0ghz, 1gb ram and I believe either a 400w or 450w power supply. My monitor is a Viewsonic VA1930wm.

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  1. If you're not using it for games you won't likely notice any difference between the two cards. If you're using the Aero interface in Vista, you might benefit from better 3D performance, but if you're happy with how it is...

    You can compare the cards here.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The link found an even cheaper price than the one I had found :lol: .

    I am fairly happy with the graphics I now have, I was just not sure if there were any features of Vista Ultimate that I am not 'seeing' because of my card. I also did not know if a newer card would display the screens 'faster'.

  3. As far as eye candy, the x1300 would actually work for you well. I know you weren't asking about it, but really the 7600gs isn't what you'd want anyway. (has nothing to do with nvidia vs. ati, just that ati's x1000 series is better for that sort of thing than nvidia's geforce 7 series is for the most part).

    Actually though, the x300 is fine for that, so nevermind...
  4. Actually I started out at the ATI site, looking at the 1650 as it was the 'recommended' upgrade by their Vista 'advisor'. I wound up focusing on the 7600 GS because I read a review somewhere that called it pretty much the equilvilant of or comparable to the 1650. As the 7600 was/is less than half the price I figured to go that way.

    However, if neither will give me any 'visable' benefits then I guess I will stay where I am for now.

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