Computer won't power, cpu gone bad?

I haven't had a chance to physically look at this computer yet, I have to go pick it up but here are the symptoms and maybe you can help me in what to check first.

My aunt has an HP computer she's had since 2001. (Yeah I know, old). She said she went to power up the computer and nothing happens, there is no bios load up screen, and she said the computer is on, she hears it humming and the green light is on, on the front of the computer, but nothing else.

Since the computer is running, I guess the power supply is out. My only guess is the hard drive, the cpu or motherboard.

Anyone's suggestion what I try first??

Her main concern is getting the data off the computer, she's completely willing to buy a new one instead of wasting time replacing parts on this one (obviously it's so old).

If I want to disconnect her hard drive and switch it to slave and hook it up to MY computer (I already have a main and slave hard drive), is it possible to hook it up to slave and get to her data even though there is an operating system on her hard drive? I've never done this and just want to get to her data for her and back it up.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Could be a number of things wrong with the system, including dead CPU or dead motherboard. No beeps or anything, I assume?

    Dead hard disk wouldn't prevent POST. You should be able to connect the drive to another computer and read data from it. Whether it has an operating system on the drive isn't relevant. The only thing that matters is that the host computer's operating system needs to know how to read the file system on the drive. Since the dead computer is likely running Windows ME or XP, the file system will be either FAT32 or NTFS. Windows XP (or Vista if you're using that on your computer) will read either.
  2. First, take the computer and plug it into another outlet or outside of the power strip to the wall directly.


    Second, ask end user if they opened the case for any reason, or had any accidents via hitting it with anything or was it in contact with any extremes (moisture, heat, cold etc)


    Third, if end user wishes to troubleshoot - continue, if not - take the hd out and place it on your ide slave. Turn your computer on and you 'should' have another hd that you normally do not see listed in my computer. You will be able to transfer the data over but make sure your anti virus is up to date.


    First, smell the back of the power supply. Does it smell like ozone or rotten eggs? If so remove and replace, if not - inspect the connectors from the ps to the mobo. Anything charred? Do you have a multi meter? You could test and jumper connectors to read volts from the PS. Google it to find out more if you do, if you don't then swapping the ps is always a good option if you have one handy.

    Second, Remove ALL peripherals. All cards, HDS etc from the equation. This will put you down to a mobo with ram, and ps connected. DO NOT remove fans. If you have an onboard vid chip - plug into that, if not leave the vid card out and listen for beeps. If it beeps when out, then when you pop the vid card in it doesn't...this means the vid card OR mb. not always vid card.

    I'm sure you will figure it out from here.

    I would always start with PS. Although those systems back then really didn't fry ps's AS BAD as they do now.

    My guess in order:
    CPU (hard to diagnose without another -probably not it..esp if it's intel)

    A bad hard drive , very bad rarely will cause a no post. Usually you will at least get a bios screen.
  3. Order a new PC Take this hard drive out put in new machine. Make sure you set drive to slave before you place it in the new PC. The old HP is gone. MB probably has gone bad. 6 years and its never been cleaned i bet.
  4. It was the memory folks! I took one stick out, and left one in and it powered up fine (REALLY SLOW) but it DID power up.

    I blew out all the dust (VERY DIRTY) and I had even checked the hard drive on another machine, so it was definately the memory.

    My question is:

    This computer came with standard 64 mb of memory (isn't that shocking?!) I upgraded it to 256 with two 128 sticks. Is it possible to run ONE 256 stick off this computer? Or should I go ahead and just buy ONE 128 stick.

    Is it possible to upgrade this computer to 512 mb??

    It's an HP XE749-R
  5. Is it ok to mix and match BRANDS as long as everything else is the same?

    This is ValueRam kVR-PC133 128 mb memory 3.3 v
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