CD/DVD drive won't fit new CASE!

Hi all,

I have a new case - "Media Power Box" by ExCool. The packaging states 2 5.25" bays for optical devices. However None of my drives (I have 4) fit into the bays provided. The bays are actually far to big and there is no way I can screw them in either, since the narrow sides of the cd/dvd drives (where the screw holes are) are accessable - even so the bay is too big. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. I'm fairly sure it's this one:


    The guy who sold it to me didn't give me any documentation for it, so all I have to go by is the box.

    Another thing I noticed is that if I connect 2 optical drives, neither of them work, when I only have one connected it works (I have set one to slave and the other to master) is this a bios issue?
  2. u need the mounting brackets to install the drive..this is basically screw less slide it in and out mounting system..often found in branded machines
  3. Thanks everyone,

    I found the solution. The case was missing 2 mounting brackets which I got the guy who I purchased it from to replace for me. One important thing to note with the EZCool case is to remove the face of the front of the case (not the sides) The whole front comes off and you slide the drives in that way with the mounting brackets in place.

    For any one who comes accross the same problem with their EZCool drive
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