Help! PC shuts down abruptly!

I wonder if someone can help me. I tried to turn on my PC yesterday evening and it would not respond at all. After checking all of the cables, I left it in frustration. After returning 30 minutes later, strangely I found the PC to be on!

Anyway, I was then using the PC for an hour or so when suddenly it switched off (like someone pulled the plug out).

I tried turning the PC on, when again it would not start. Then after about 10 mins it magically started again on its own. Anyway, after about 10 mins or it switched off again. I didn’t bother turning it back on again.

Does anyone know what the issue could be? When it did boot up, the PC worked fine. I’m thinking it maybe a fan/psu issue?
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  1. I did notice that the machines turned off both times when I had started a game. I put it on for 5 mins and then poof, off it wen! Could that be relevant?
  2. I had this exact same problem for about 2 weeks. I replaced my power supply and this solved the issue.
  3. Thanks.

    Which PSU do I buy - shall I look at the spec of my existing one and by the same?

    The PC is four years old and therefore I shouldn't think I need anything too powerful. Any suggestions of good brands?
  4. I’m a big fan of Thermaltake. I purchased the Thermaltake Purepower 500W. Model W0100RU.

    The psu was about $70 at Fry’s Electronics, but I’m sure that you could find a better deal online. I couldn’t wait for shipping and handling to find out if it was the power supply or motherboard that was causing the issue.

    These should work just fine for a 4 year old computer, just make sure that you do not have a 24 pin connection if your are going to purchase the cheaper one.
  5. Thanks for the help Oh-Whatever!
  6. Thanks mpilchfamily.

    This is the spec of my PC here. I ended up ordering a Seasonic S12-380 PSU, however I may have ordered too quickly.

    I just realised that my Asus A7N8X motherboard has a 20-pin ATX power connector, whilst the Seasonic I ordered says it is 24 pin.

    According to the Seasonic website, it says Main Power is 20 /24 P. Does that mean there will be an adaptor enclosed or do I need to choose a new PSU?
  7. The seasonic will work with both 20 and 24 pin. Comes with 24 pins, 4 of which can be disconnected.

    Picture shows detachable 4 pins on lefthere.
  8. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  9. My pleasure. Seasonic has a real good reputation from what I have heard, and it will be ready for your next mobo upgrade, if youdon't need a whole lot of power.
  10. take the door off - is the psu blowing really hit air- if so - if it does not happen with door off or it takes longer - u need a new or bigger psu

    if it takes 10 mins to start that is probably a more complex problem

    is the outlet grounded? did u move the ps?

    sounds like gound problem or loose wire?
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