First build, gaming rig, need some input!

Ok, first off, the basics. This will be used mainly for gaming (70%) and the rest of the time for listening to music and watching movies. I am planning on a mild OC. I am open to any and all suggestions. Price is not overly prohibitive but with peripherals I need to be under $2k. Currently I am just at that mark using newegg so I'll check zzf and tiger as well.

CPU - Intel C2D E6400 2.13GHz

Mobo - Gigabyte 965P S3

GPU - EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

Sound Card - X-Fi XtremeGamer

HSF - Scythe Ninja

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB

Optical Drive - NEC 7170

PSU - Corsair 620w

Case - Antec 900

Peripherals - I'm leaning toward the VX922 LCD from Viewsonic and a set of 2.1 speakers from Klipsch.

1. Any issues with compatibility or bottlenecks?
2. The one component I haven't selected is RAM. I've been reading up on it but am still unsure which way to go. I'll want 2gb of DDR2 but beyond that I'm not sure. Suggestions?
3. If I need to cut some fat on prices I may opt for a Centurion 5 case instead. Will everything fit in that? (Main concern here is the Ninja and the GPU.)
4. Any big difference if I step up to the DS3? Is there a comparable PSU for a little less?

That's all I can think of for now. As always thank you in advance for any and all replies and suggestions, and feel free to ask me any questions to clarify.
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  1. -Go with the 6300 instead, it'll save you some money and you won't notice any performance difference. And if you want to do some mild OC'ing then the 6300 is just fine. Or even consider the 4300, it's still a very fast chip and will let you OC very easily for a moderate increase. And you'll save some decent money there....gotta love that.

    -Go with the S3. DS3 isn't needed unless you plan on overclocking and then keeping this system for 5 years. Save some money there.

    -RAM. If you just want some mild OC'ing, then get some affordable 800 stuff. G.Skill DDR2-800 at the Egg is a good price right now and will do you just fine.

    -Do you really need that sound card? Most onboards are really good nowadays. That'll save you some money there.

    -PSU. Get an OCZ GameXstream 600w instead. Very good PSU and quite a bit cheaper than the Corsair. You'll save some money there.

    -Ninja should fit just fine in that case. But if you want to save money on a case, the Centurion 534 will fit an 800 just fine.

    NOW, with all that money you've saved, get a 22" LCD instead !!! ;) The Acer 22" @ 1680x0150 is good and affordable. With the 8800GTS you'll appreciate the new big screen. Win-win situation there! :D
  2. If you are doing some OCing I'd say go with the DS3

    I agree with Skyguy on the sound card. Unless your big into sound

    OCZ GameXstream 600w is a good choice. You could maybe go lower than 600w but don't trust me on that. I don't know much about PSUs

    For RAM and CPU. If you are OCing I'd go with a e4300 and DDR2-667
    it has a high multiplier and you could oc it to 3ghz with the ddr2-667. Maybe spend the extra money saved on the 640mb 8800. But I'm sure the 320mb will probably do you well too. So spend the money on some new games
  3. I just have one suggestion as the above suggestions are good.

    Go with this Lite-On DVD Burner. It has the LightScribe technology which is realy cool.
  4. Actually I really shouldnt say this, but at OfficeMax 3/16 -3/17 they will have a special, and the samsung 22" widescreen lcd is liek $250

    im gettin it
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Everything you guys have said makes perfect sense and when I get a chance I am going to swap in a few or your suggestions and repost the build. I'll try and dig up some reviews on the Acer and Samsung 22" LCDs.

    As for the sound card, I was really up in the air about it, and I think the best thing would be to hold off for now. I'll see if the onboard does the job and if I'm really not in love with it, it's simple enough to add the card later on.

    I had heard LightScribe mentioned before but never knew much about it, so I just looked it up and I gotta say it's pretty neat. Considering that is an OEM drive, I would have to pick up some software for it, correct? Plus how much more expensive is the media over a normal CD?

    @skyguy - I like how you saved me some serious money and then tempted me with a 22" LCD! :lol: I give in so easily to the dark side.
  6. go with the 640mb version if your getting a 22inch monitor
    superclocked is 100 bucks more
  7. RAM

    good ram, nice looking too, and it seems to get cheaper by the day

    I just set up my first build with that ram and a ds3. Runs great. I'm not oc-ing though, so can't comment on that.
  8. Quote:
    I like how you saved me some serious money and then tempted me with a 22" LCD! :lol: I give in so easily to the dark side.

    The Force is strong in this one............


    I have 2 Samsung 22" LCDs. Wet dreams on a screen. Oops, what that my outer voice speaking? ;) They are not cheap though, but the Samsung is top notch. If you can get it on sale, pull the trigger. Otherwise the Acer is still good. Lionhardt is normally one card shy of a full deck ;), but in this case he might be onto something...if you can get a Samsung at that price, don't even think about hesitating...go for it :)
  9. what does that mean?

  10. LOL, gotcha ;) Was wondering how long it would take you to see that.

    You work at that store or something? That's a VERY GOOD price for a 22" Samsung.
  11. Dude, please don't tell anyone, I HAVE to have this for my new computer, and yes it is available to anyone.

    Nah, i wouldn't work at an OfficeMax at 15.

    Uhm, well dont tell anyone else.
    I get great deals from:

    i stilll dont understand the comment u made, lol ahha

    oh, and im in Industrial Business Technology now, and taking a test, have u guys ever heard of modified Block Style (for letters) compared to regular block style? im fukked.

    skyguy, pm me for crzy detailz
  12. Ok the new and improved build. Which btw is about $300 cheaper than the first draft without giving up any significant performance.

    CPU - Intel E6300

    Mobo - Gigabyte 965P S3

    GPU - EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

    RAM - G. Skill DDR2 800

    HSF - Scythe Ninja

    HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB

    Optical Drive - Samsung

    PSU - OCZ GameXStream 600w

    Case - Antec 900

    Monitor - Acer 22" LCD

    Changes in this version include the addition of RAM, Corsair -> OCZ PSU, E6400 -> E6300, ditched the sound card, Samsung dvd/cd burner, 22" LCD and I upped the HD to the 320MB version for $15 more.
  13. For just over $100.00 more you might check out this monitor.

    I forgot to tell you that newegg has it listed as a 5ms response time but it is actualy 2ms. so sayth the manufacturer.
  14. Stick with the Viewsonic for now?!? Are you gonna buy it and wait to pick up another one, but the Samsung 22"? So you're gonna have 2 monitors?

    If not, get this one:

    And one last picky thing:
    Get a different DVD burner, that one is loud. Get the Samsung SH-S182, very nice, much quieter, pretty much same price. If you want Lightscribe get the 182M, otherwise the plain 182 will do just fine. Here's the Lightscribe one:

    Other than that and the monitor, you have some GREAT specs! Well done, that baby will overclock great too!
  15. You are probably correct about the monitor I just realized that he was going with a 7600. The 3000:1 contrast on the one that I suggested is better left to the higher end cards.
  16. Quote:
    Stick with the Viewsonic for now?!? Are you gonna buy it and wait to pick up another one, but the Samsung 22"? So you're gonna have 2 monitors?

    Sorry, I didn't explain myself well. I simply meant that for the purposes of my list I was going to leave the ViewSonic on there until I could take a look at the other LCDs. I swapped out the NEC DVD burner for the Samsung and added the 22" Acer. If the deal on that Samsung is legit then I might go with that. I'll have to see when I place my order.

    How does that G. Skill RAM look? It had pretty good timings and was under $200.

    One more question. If I go with the 22" LCD, should I bump up to the 640mb GPU? Or will the 320mb be fine for those resolutions? I don't play any games that would require the 640 for now, I'm just concerned about the resolutions.

    Thanks again for all the help.
  17. Good move on the DVD burner.

    That G.Skill is just fine, it'll handle an overclock as well.

    As for the 640mb card on a 22" LCD, it depends if you have the money and if you plan on going hardcore with all the eye candy. My guess is you'll be so darn happy to be gaming on a 22" with a brand new system you won't even care about 2x vs 4x AA, etc. I think the 320mb will do just fine.
  18. I think I'll stick with the 320mb for now. My current rig is a 1.13GHz P3 with 768mb RAM :lol: so I think you're right, I'm gonna be in heaven even with the 320mb card and a 22" LCD.

    Thanks a ton for all the help. I'll post up once I get everything together and running.
  19. Sounds great, post some pics when you're done!
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