X1900XTX overheating in Vista?

I had an extra hdd laying around, so I decided to try out Vista on it. So far it has been a pretty good experience, but yesterday while playing WoW my computer just turned off mid game. All of my drivers are up to date and such, but I checked in CCC and see that my gpu is reaching highs of 90 degrees Celsius while gaming in just WoW. This seems ridiculously high to me, my 7950GX2 never gets this high, and I doubt my X1900XTX got this hot in XP.

So I guess my question would be this, would temps this high restart my system? Also, why would Vista increase my temps so much? I know Aero uses the graphics core a lot more, but this should't increase the temps in games should it? I haven't tested any other games yet, but this weekend I'll be loading quite a few to test out.

PS. Please don't post if you're just going to bash Vista, I'm looking for real solutions to the problem not "It's Vista's fault"
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  1. That's a pretty high temp. WoW shouldn't be a high graphic load, and it certainly might be causing a reboot.

    I'd check to see if the heatsink is seated on the GPU properly... actually, make sure the fan is working first!
  2. Well the fan is certainly working I can hear that...lol. When I get home from work I plan on checking the heatsink and such, and perhaps putting some thermal compound on there.
  3. You want a very thin film of thermal compound... the only reason that compound is there is to even out unsmooth surfaces. Too much compound will decrease cooling performance.
  4. Well right now the big stock cooler is still on it, so I imagine its probably using thermal pads or some such right now. I should be fine with the thermal paste, I still have a tube left over from previous builds and such, this isn't the first time I've taken apart a video card so I'm not too worried about it lol. I'll post back the results fromt his when I get home though, after everything is back up and running.
  5. Hi..

    I have the same problem with the overheating.
    I have a X1900XTX and a dualboot XP and Vista.. I have been trying Vista out quite some time now, 2 months.. and I think it was after the 7.2 version that the card started to overheat.. could go over 95C.. if i played the same game in XP it was stable at 50C.
    Seems to me that it got a heat bug.
  6. Hi everyody.
    2 Questions :
    First : MR.Cleeve, how can you reach +12K in 3DMark05 With a stock X1900XTX ??Mine got only 11200... :( (CPU,right?)
    Second : what is the safe temp for a full loaded X1900XTX ?? mine reaches +80c when i play Test Drive Unlimited(Pretty Heavy Game & 1024x768+HDR+4xAA)for about 3 hours. :(
    i have a MSI RX1900XTX with a stock cooler.(my FIRST ATI card after lots of nVidia cards...(MX440, Ti4200, FX5900, 6800 128Mb, 7800GT))
  7. 1. Yep, it's the platform. :)

    2. I wouldn't worry at all about X1900 XTX temps until you hit very high 80's. They're made to run hot.
    Having said that, and aftermarket cooler is a good thing for these cards. The thermalright HR-03 will lower the load temps from 90 to 65 degrees celsius, did on my machine anyway...
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