Stock temp on E6600 and overclocked temp

I've been reading articles on overclocking the E6600 and the temps. My stock temp is 45-48 between core 1 and 2. The load temp reaches anywhere from 60-70 degree at stock and overclocked. My Vcore in Speedfan says it's 1.58 volts (never changed it) I don't think these figures are correct. I was playing half life 2 the other day and it crashed with the settings at 3.0 ghz overclocked but I also had the settings at 4X AA and 16X AF at 2560X1600. I thought my comp could handle it but I guess not. I ran orthos the other day while surfing the internet and my computer froze. Here are my specs, any advice would be appreciated.

Intel C2D E6600 OC'ed to 3.0 Ghz (FSB 333X9)
Asus P5N-E nForce 650i SLI Chipset
1GB Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Memory PC6400 DDR2
EVGA Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB PCI-E
320GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache HDD
Apevia 680W Iceberg Power Supply
Logitech X-540 70 Watts 5.1 Speakers
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech MX518 Gaming Optical Mouse
Sony Q170A 18x Double Layer Dual Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30 inch LCD
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  1. Which Orthos test did you run? Blend or just standard CPU?
  2. blend...I also ran 3dmark 2006 and got over 10,000 but it lagged at certain tests.
  3. Try the normal CPU one and if that fails then the OC isn't stable. Otherwise it's probably a RAM thing. Had the same thing on mine a few weeks ago.... when I tested the RAM I got one error on M'Softs memory test thing and none on Memtest86, but computer was doing weird stuff, hanging etc, so I ran the Orthos blend test and it failed every time after 37 seconds+. Took out half my RAM and it passed every time. Needless to say it doesn't hang or do weird stuff any more....
  4. Also check voltage in BIOS. 1.58 if that's correct is very high, as stock is 1.275v
  5. Use CPU-Z to confirm your vcore. It should be around 1.3v, 1.5v is kinda high for 3.0Ghz. I am running a E6600 @ 3Ghz with vcore at 1.25-1.28v If you reduce your vcore it should bring your temps down a bit
  6. Yes 1.58 is very high and I'm scared although the only thing I changed was the FSB to 333. I'm a bit skeptical about vcore figures on speedfan it says vcore is 1.58 and that coincides with the bios but in CPU-Z it says my voltage is 1.25. I have seen people posting the speed fan vcore and others posting the CPU-Z voltage. Which one is the correct voltage?
  7. Is your VCore on auto? With that OC, you should be able to manually set your VCore much lower. Something like 1.3 maybe?
  8. I looked in the BIOS and clicked to change the settings and it says either manually go up or down or you can put it to "Ignored" I bought the computer pre-built at CYBERPOWERPC and maybe they changed it. I don't know why they would change the vcore that high.
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