how to install the e6600 PLEASE HElP!

I bought my current cpu and mobo together so all i had to do was hook it. I want to upgrade to a core2duo e6600 and was wondering how to install it. My friend said that it was as simple as just pulling out the pentium d and putting in the conroe. Just wondering if this the case. I already upgraded my bios and it does support all core2 cpu's so that won't be a problem. Is it really as easy as just plugging it in?

thanks a lot,
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  1. Yes and no, you should do the following, turn on your computer for a couple minutes, turn it off, unplug it, crack it open and take off the CPU heatsink by twisting it back and forth as you pull (after disabling the latches), then unlatch and pull out the CPU, drop the new one in and latch it, spread the thermal grease or apply the thermal pad that should come with the new CPU, and attach the new heatsink. If you only have the bare CPU you will need thermal grease (I suggest Arctic Silver 5), and you will need to clean the old heatsink with acetone (nail polish remover) before you reuse it. Follow the instructions on Artic Silvers website for the grease.
  2. mmk, yeha
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