My e-machine wont load windows

my emachine e525 wont load windows. its stuck on the 1st page where it says hit f2 to enter setup, if i press f2 it just says please wait, and i did i waited and waited and waited
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  1. Hi Julie,

    Please give us as much information about your computer as possible, Make, Model#, CPU, RAM PSU, Windows version, Video card.
    Also when your computer last worked normally, and what happened just before this problem with StartUp, like any Windows Updates, downloading a new program, updating a driver, added a new HDD or DVD burner?

    If I understand you correctly, your computer starts to boot up, but gets to the Splash Screen (looks normal?), then stops? Does your computer have a beep code small speaker attached, that beeps once before loading normally? If not, do you have a small 'beep code speaker' that can be attached for diagnostic troubleshooting?

    With that information, someone will be able to help you pin down the problem
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