weird CPU-Z reading and 4pin power cable

I am using a Commando and a E6300 with OCZ 2gb 800mhz ram.

My PSU doesn't have the 8pin power cable for the motherboard, so right now I am only using a 4pin power cable... will this effect my performance?

also, my CPU-Z always read my v-core @ 1.072v. Sometimes it fluctuates to 1.088v, and rarely to 1.200 something. My asus Probe and AI suite both read 1.30 minimum, and I set the vcore to 1.35 in the motherboard bios... is something wrong?
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  1. CPU-Z almost never reads voltage accurately, I wouldn't worry about that.

    You'll be ok with only a 4 pin power connector, but it may limit your overclocks.
  2. I have the same thing happening with my cpu-z it is stuck at 1.213V and never changes. No matter what voltage a set the vcore it will display that voltage. I had this happened with the last two board the p5b del and current board. Cpu-z is displaying it wrong probably becasue of a bug inside of the software itself.
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