Zalman 9700 Install ? on Intel 775 socket (S-Type Clip...)

I'm trying to install my Zalman 9700 cooler & am having trouble. I've installed the backplate & the clip support to my motherboard just fine. (I've got an ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus MB).

What I'm having trouble with is attaching the S-Type Clip to the clip support. The problem is when I place the cooler on top of the CPU & try to place the S-Type clip above the base of the cooler to secure the cooler, the clip is not "arched" enough to reach both sides of the clip support.

When I push down on one side of the S-Type Clip to make contact with the clip support the other side of the clip is about a 1/2 inch above the bolt hole. Should I bend/arch the S-Type Clip till it touches down on both sides of the clip support? It's a pretty stiff little clip, I'm afraid it'll buckle if I try to bend it too much.

Am I doing something obviously & ridicously wrong here? I can't figure it out... call me dumb... doesn't seem like it would be this difficult.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'm going through the exact same problem myself and I've already tried bending it by hand/stepping on the clip. Its made to be bend resistant I believe and might need to pull out a vice to bend the damn thing. The only way I could see installing it like this is putting enough force to crack the motherboard.

    *edit* I went and found some screws that are longer and match the same size/thread pattern pretty closely, so hopefully those will work.
  2. Well Thoras, glad I'm not the only one... so it's either we're both doing something horribly wrong, or Zalman messed up somehow.

    Can anyone PLEASE chime in that's installed a Zalman 9700 on an intel 775 board before & please clue us in?

    I just got in all of my computer components & am very eager to continue but this has me held up... :(

    *edit* let me know what you discover...
  3. Ack, be careful with longer screws, i just ground into one of the capacitors. Hopefully I didn't just wreck my board....bleh
  4. ouch.. thanks for the tip. 8O

    Yeah... I tried flipping the clip over to see if that may work & the little gold screws that are supposed to be used won't make contact with the clip support this way. And, it doesn't seem like the base of the cooler makes proper contact with the clip flipped over.

    Any other ideas people? The 9700 seems like it's a very popular cooler & I've read it's not supposed to be that difficult to install..... ???
  5. ok.... no answer... but I figured it out. You just have to bend the crap out of the S-Type Clip. :D

    It didn't buckle. So in case you haven't done it yet Thoras...
  6. I had a very similar problem with my 9500 on my Opteron, however, my gap wasn't quite as long and I eventually got it. The issue is the design of it with the large cylinder style fins make it hard to tighten the bolts to the motherboard backplate. For You should be able to tighten one side down just to get the bolt in and then put the other one in just barely getting to grip the backplate. Then start to snug each at similar increments a little at a time that way they tighten evenly and that should take care of the problem. although 1/2 inch is a pretty big gap.
  7. To the dude who smoked the capacitor I'm sorry but I think you might have messed up your motherboard dude. I nicked mine ever so slightly and it took out all my rear usb ports. It also severed my sound capabilities meaning PCI sound. I certainly wouldn't rate that style of cpu cooler as easy install though.
  8. Ok i installed a 9500 the other day.

    It is a bit awkward to do, i did it by pushing one end of the bracket thing down and screwing it in fairly tight (tight enough to withstand a good push) then pressed the other side down until it just reached the thread with the other screw. Its a bit hairy, but as long as you make sure one side is secured (possibly by holding it down while pushing the other side) its easy to do.
  9. I had to do this with my Zalman 9500 and yeah. I'd like to point out that they are leathal, I must've cut myself like 10 times on that darn thing...

    I screwed one end in and got a screw driver without a handle so it was perfectly round with a phillips on the end. Push down hard enough, started the thread and it was a piece of cake from there

    Although. Layed on a thin layer of their Heat Sink Compound, should've used a different one. Either way, my CPU is showing some odd temps with this cooler even when not overclocked.

    When the CPU is at stock speeds the temps using TAT go from

    Core#0 36-37°C - IDLE
    Core#1 33-34°C - IDLE

    Core#0 65-72°C - 100% Load (TAT)
    Core#1 69-71°C - 100% Load (TAT)

    When using ORTHOS:

    Core#0 64-66°C - Small FTTs
    Core#1 64-65°C - Small FTTs

    Bot cores were running at 100% under load at the same time. So I'm nto sure if this ruined the CPU or something? I'm playing with the idea of taking it off and checking to see if anything has happened, but then I'll have to reseat it.
  10. I may have to get some better temp monitor programs. I use the one that came with Abit mobo. I didnt use the thermal stuff that came with the cooler but used arctic silver. GEtting temps of 30 idle.
  11. 30 Idle... Your using reports from the motherboard I'm guessing, mine say 27-32°C for the Tcase. Well, if you want some programs, I'd recommend:

    The lastest version of Speed Fan (v4.32 I think)
    Intel Thermal Analysis Tool (TAT for Short)
    Core Temp (Just about as accurate as TAT I've found)

    And if you want some other programs that are handy:


    I just hope my CPU or Heatsink isn't concave (Although if its the Heatsink it's easier to get a replacement. >.>)
  12. Ok got a reading of core 0- 23
    core 1- 24 which im pleased with. This is with the 9500, so im guessing the 9700 would drop it a degree or so below that? Good coolers in my opinion.

    (P.S SpeedFan doesnt find any fans?)
  13. Mine doesn't find fans either, but it picks up good temps.
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