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So I think I downloaded a virus. I was watching a show and it told me to watch i have to download a flashplayer(BTW it wasn't porn). So I did (I am so dumb T_T) and it turned off my whole entire PC. I was so scared!. So I turned it back up it said that the startup won't load and it was trying to repair it. After it was done it said you have to restart your pc. But it gave me that same startup couldn't load and has to repair. So I put in my Windows 7 os disk. And when It was done with step 2 it told me to restart to finish the process. I did and it put me back to step 1 and start over. PLEASE I need your guys help!!!!! I spent 1 grand on this gaming computer.
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  1. when you turn it on do you get to the black screen with the white writing which has safe mode etc? if so try to select last known good configuration and see if it boots

    you can download a virus scanner that scans outside of windows from most major anti virus companies--bitdefender , kaspersky etc to see if it helps though you need to burn the iso to disc on another pc

    when you put in your windows disc and run repair does it give an option to use system restore as well as the automatic fix startup problems you tried?

    if not you can run a live cd from something like hirens boot cd and try system restore from that--again its a burnable iso--the live cd will also allow recovering any important stuff to flash drive/other hard drive/external hard drive etc in case you end up having to reboot

    hope these ideas are of some help
  2. Now everything is working properly, but when it asks me for my cd code I put the code in and press next. It just loads for like forever and it wont stop.
  3. why is it asking for the cd code if its came back on into windows?
  4. mcnumpty23 said:
    why is it asking for the cd code if its came back on into windows?

    I am saying I had to do the OS installation again. I reformatted my harddrive. And now it asks me for the CD code. I put it in and it says it is invalid. I don't understand I used it last time and it worked. :sweat: :( :??:
  5. Call Microsoft! :D
  6. its a booted disk lol
  7. you dont need to put in a serial number to install windows 7 leave it blank and install you will have 30 days to put it in after windows is loaded
  8. but i will eventually have to do it so how am i going to get a valid key?
  9. you should have a valid key :non:

    this forum is to help people troubleshoot problems not tell them how to activate windows without a valid key

    if your key is genuine but not being accepted thats a different matter--call microsoft you will have 30 days to do it once windows is loaded by using the blank key
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