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I am having some issues with my newly purchased SATA seagate 320GB HDD.

I just purchased this today and installed it in my current system.

Currently i have a asus a8n sli premium motherboard which has both ide and sata aswell as raid.

Previous to me isntalling my new sata drive i have an IDE 120GB HDD which has my windows installation and all my files. I am simply adding the additional SATA HDD.

The IDE HDD is set to master as it has to boot with the OS and the sata drive is connected to the SATA1 slot on my mobo. In the BIOS the drive is detected and both drives appear to be set as master, i cannot change sata to slave.

For some reason windows vista ultimate detects the drive in device manager and it is functioning correctly although i cannot get it to display the drive in my computer.

is there anything i am doing wrong and how do i fix this?

THank you
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  1. The all master is normal. Sata has no master/slave because it is one cable per drive. In some cases to keep compatibility and make it work without drivers they will show the drives as master/slave, but thats another story.

    Now as for your drive.... It may not have been initialized. I am not on vista(until SP1), but Start => run => diskmgmt.msc =>enter
    That should get you on the way.

    Hope this helps
  2. WOW! this was awesome advice!

    I saw that my secondary disk was all unallocated space meaning it wasnt formated (duh! haha i swear its cause its late!!!) its going through formatting and am pretty confirdent this will solve the problem.

    Thanks alot nuke and if it doesnt work i will post again :)

    much appreciated!
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