How do I update BIOS without using floppy?

Dear All,

I am not in computer business, just here for gaining some experience.

I have a 965P-DS3 with F4 BIOS. Some says that if we want to get stabilized OC, we have to use latest BIOS which is the F10.

My brand new PC does not have a floppy disc to update BIOS using q-flash.

Any one can help with step by step updating BIOS without the floppy?

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  1. The F10 BIOS has a feature that allows users to update in qflash using a memory stick, but of course this option is not available to you at only F4. The only other way for you to flash is using @bios. I've done it without problem but many others have lost their cmos chip due to faults...your call.
  2. i tried using @ bios 2x

    first time it replaced my F7 BIOS to F6

    second time, though it said update successful, upon restart, system wont POST..luckily i was able to ask for a replacement mobo from the store

    so there you go..:D your call, i HIGHLY discourage you to do it though
  3. Q-Flash is much more better than using @BIOS since alot of people are having difficulty updating there BIOS with @BIOS.

    I know you said "How do I update BIOS without using floppy?", but using a floppy to update you're BIOS is better and has a higher success.

    Besides if you don't know how to update you're BIOS you shouldn't do it.

    Its like fixing something thats not broken.
  4. To use @Bios and get the correct bios try different download mirrors as in my experience some offer you different versions. As is said above tho' its your risk and without the floppy option your going to be limited to what @Bios finds.. Can you not just attach a floppy to the mobo just for this one task?
  5. Get a USB FDD and connect it directly (not though hub) and it should work just remember to set the boot option as USB-FDD and not FDD and first time using the disk save the old bios onto the FDD (if not room for two reboot after saving and transfer it onto another FD. (so you put the old bios on in case of diaster.
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