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I recently got a PC from work, so now I can do more work at home, woohoo!!

I already have a home desktop system with a nice flat screen monitor, so I did not want to take an old clunky work monitor, or use more space, so I got one of those toggler kits (I know that isn't the tech term), and by hitting scroll lock twice I can switch from one pc to another, as I can only use my Work PC for work related stuff, no surfing.

I then purchased a router so I could use my DSL (Comcast) on both PCs. I followed the instructions, and cannot get both PCs to access the internet, I can only get the dsl line to recognize one computer at a time. I believe that somehow I need a cable splitter to recognize both lines, but I am not sure how to go about this, I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!!
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  1. You can't use a cable splitter. You need an ethernet switch, but many times this is built into home routers. What model router did you buy? How many RJ-45 ports does it have on it? How do you have it connected?
  2. Thanks Iceblue for your response! I am not at home, so I cannot tell you what model router I have. There are four ports. Currently I unhooked everything and just went back to my Comcast modem on one PC, as no matter what combination I used I could not get both PCs internet accessible. I also did try unplugging everything and plugging it all back in again (several times) to see if that would do the trick, no success.

    When I get home tonight (10 p.m. e.s.t.) I will check to see what Router I have.

    Thanks once again for any help, I tried to calling my cable provider and they were useless!

    Best Regards,
  3. If your router has 4 ports, it has a built-in ethernet switch. One of these ports (or maybe a fifth port?) is labeled WAN (for Wide Area Network) or possibly "Uplink". You plug the ethernet cable from your DSL modem into this port.

    Next, you plug an ethernet cable from each computer's network interface into one of the remaining ports on the router; first computer, first cable, one port; second computer, second cable, another port.

    You do NOT connect the computers to each other.

    Try that; you may need to re-boot your computers.
  4. Dear Tom,

    Thanks for your instruction!! I wish I was going to be home sooner tonight to try it out, but I will as soon as I get home. I'll keep you posted with my results!!

    Thanks once again!! I really appreciate it!
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