New computer boot problems - any ideas?

Built a new computer about 2 weeks ago.
Zalman 460W PSU
Asus P5B-E Plus Motherboard
Core 2 Duo 6400
OCZ Platinum Ram pair (total 2GB 4-4-4-15)
Inno3D 7900GS iChill graphics card
Creative X-fi Music
Windows XP Pro - Vista 64 bit dual boot
3 SATA Hard drives (all Seagate no RAID)
System not overclocked

Updated BIOS last week on motherboard.
It worked fine for the first week, but on Thursday restarted itself while I was watching a video file. Microsoft error report suggested a driver problem. Yesterday I had a BSOD while I left it downloading a file also suggested a driver problem. Since then the machine wont start at all. No BIOS post screen, nothing gets displayed on the monitor at all. No MB error beep codes either. Cleared CMOS data with no effect.Monitor just shows its stand by light. I'm thinking its either the Motherboard or the graphics card.
Sorry for the long post but more info is usually helpful.
Any ideas on what it could be?
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  1. There may be no beep code because no speaker is connected to the 2 speaker pins on the MB header.
    I'd consider the PS a suspect, too. You can buy a cheap ($10ish) PS tester from Radio Shack or online stores.
  2. The best practice right after bios update is to shut down & clear cmos. Then enter bios to load defaults. Refer to the manual.
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