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I had a problem with one of the hds on a computer. If it was plugged in it would not allow the system to boot. when I unplugged it I could boot normally (WIN 7). I unplugged my drive with WIN 7 and plugged the bad drive back in. Then I uised my win XP disk to reformat the drive and install win XP. The install works okay and I can boot into win XP normally.
When I also replug the hd with WIN 7 and boot it will open WIN 7 normally.

I want to be able to select either XP or WIN 7 on start up. The option is available on start up as either "Earlier version of windows" or "WIN 7" but if I select the earlier version option nothing happens and the screen goes dark.

I assume that both operating systems are mounted as the C: drive and there might be a conflict there. Is there a way to change the win XP os on the second drive to another letter so it wont conflict?

Both xp and WIN 7 work fine but if I want to use XP I have to unplug the win 7 drive.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. check out the software EasyBCD, I think it will help solve your issue
  2. Go into BIOS and set the Windows 7 HDD to First Boot device and make the Windows XP HDD second/last boot device... If it doesn't solve the problem, change Sata connector, it should said Sata 1 and Sata 2 on those Sata slot....
  3. You need a boot manager to control which OS will be running at one time.
    If you choose not to use a boot manager, I assume that you have an "fx" on your keyboard, which would allow you to select which drive you want to choose as the system is booting up. Try that!
    If you would like to use Linux, it has a fine bootloader manager. It can keep track of as many different OS's that you have, and as many hard drives you may use. You can set that up by using a "LIVE" Linux CD or DVD.

    Good Luck!
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