8800GTX Major Problems

Hi all,

I've got some problems with my graphics card...
First I'll tell you the system specs:

ASUS MOBO p5w dh deluxe
intel core2duo 6700
XFX Geforce 8800 gtx
Windows xp sp2
2 gb of buffalo ram
Hiper R 580 W PSU

Is there anything more you need?

Now the problem is especially with half life 2:
after a few seconds the screen acts really strange.
I don't know exactly how to explain, so I linked 2 screenshots;
the 111 is the normal, the 222 is the one after 2 seconds.
I hope anybody can help me...


thx anyway
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  1. Are there any problems with other games?
    Did you install the latest drivers?
    Is your PSU powerful enough for the card (the 12v rail)?

    Try different drivers first and then try the card in another comp to see if the problems are repeated. If so, RMA it
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