What pump do water coolers use?

Centrifugal pump? Twin lobe pump? Piston? Peristaltic pump?
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  1. Asetek Waterchill pumps are total crap, I've had three failures, their cooling blocks are high quality, their radiators the same, but their pumps are their product weak links.

    I was so angry with their pump failures and replacements that when the last one failed, I took a sledgehammer to it and got quite a bit of satisfaction from completely destroying the thing.

    My watercooling days are over, I will not go through all the wasted time of setup and constant monitoring again, so take this as a product warning.
  2. All the standard pumps are centrifugal.
    Positive displacement pumps aren't required for these low power/pressure loss appllications. Centrifugal pumps are cheaper and less complicated to manufacture.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Right now I'm using the Swiftech MCP655 pump manufactured by Liang. It's given my rig some nice quite performance and reliability. Thanks to it's single -moving part spherical pump design.

    Link here
  4. danger den D5 or swifty MCP 655.... probably the most popular pumps for water cooling nuff nuffs.
  5. They use centrifugal pumps.

    Chuck: long time no see. I got a new mobo and when I get new memory I'm gonna try for 4.6-4.7 in another "window open-bench till destruction" attempt. Last time I had temps below 0C but the water got a little slushy at about -12C :P How hard have you pushed your D820? I figure I'm getting a new CPU soon anyway, big deal if I toast mine...1.7vcore? Maybe 1.725.
  6. You mean my 840? I got it at 4Ghz on 1.55vcore. Sadly it's basically it's limit on that safe voltage and water cooling. Right now it's at 3.8 since it does have some problems with BF2 at 4Ghz, hiccups some sort. Still my pc plays well and I'm hoping to have save enough to upgrade by the time Crysis comes out. :D

    So what's your new rig specs?
  7. It's just what's in my sig right now. I am not sure if I want to buy a new GPU first, or new memory & CPU first. Got new HDDs and Mobo with the last paycheck. I will probably end up getting memory and CPU once the E4320 and others are released, give DDR2 another couple months for the price to drop a little.

    I agree though, my PC plays just dandy for my needs 8)
  8. Quote:
    Centrifugal pump? Twin lobe pump? Piston? Peristaltic pump?

    Aparently very cheap ones. I hand picked an Einheim german made pump for my system because they are long lasting high performance. I use 1/2" tubing and this pump pushes some serious water through that thick tubing no problem.

    On my old system I had a Thermaltek Aquarius II unit that had a tiny pump. It worked ok for a Socket A Athlon but not enough for newer chip. It had a tiny little pump/reservoir.
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