My Radeon X1650Pro not working well on one of my display


I have bought a Diamond Radeon X1650Pro AGP 256Mb friday in hope to be hooking up my Dell 30'' Monitor and my Sharp Aquos 52'' HDTV. I bought this card because it has a two dual link DVI connectors. The Dell Monitor is hooked through Dual-Link DVI at 2560x1600 and runs perfectly. I have tried to hook up my HDTV through HDMI using a DVI to HDMI adapter and so far the card seems unable to send a proper signal to the TV.

No matter what the resolution is ... the display shown is a cropped version of the center of my Dell display... It's hard to explain like that but it sounds like I have a 640*480 portion of the 2560*1600 Display centered and stretched in a weird size display surrounded by black bars all around. I want to use the TV in 1080p Resolution and I have been able to do so perfectly with my much older Radeon 9800Pro 128Mb using the same DVI-To-HDMI connector.

My current setup is the following
Shuttle SN41G2 Barebone
250Watts Power Supply
AMD AthlonXP 2100+
Seagate ATA 100 200Gb
Radeon X1650Pro AGP 256Mb w/ 2x Dual Link DVI

I called for support last night at my own expense because they don't have a toll free number and the support was unwilling to help, rude and inhuman. They refuse to give me support for 3 specific reasons :

1- My PSU requires 420W or higher
2- My CPU must be over 2.4Ghz
3- My HDTV is supposedly too big.

Here's my interpretation of this.
1- Shuttle has never sold to my knowledge a Barebone with an AGP slot board with more than 250 Watts. The newest ones are 400W for PCI-Express/Core2Duo boards. I have been checking online and a system MUCH MUCH more powerful than mine at full load barely tops 200W of usage with an X1650Pro card.

2- I can understand that the computer may run slowly but more probably in games. I am willing to have a simple 2D dual monitor display this is not for hardcore 3D Gaming. I am a bit under the "standard" 2.4ghz Pentium 4
requirements but this should not affect the performance of the 2D Display

3- This cannot be 100% accurate but from a logical point of view... Why can a 9800Pro with a Single-Link DVI display a resolution of 1080p at 60hz perfectly but a X1650Pro with a Dual-Link DVI unable to display a proper signal ?

If anybody has an idea about this I would really appreciate the suggestions and directive. I have tried everything I could so far, reinstalling the vid card with latest drivers, switching DVI adapter on the card to make sure one of them was not defect, the usual safe stuff to verify. I am now stuck....

Thanks for anybody who will help me out with this
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  1. Yes, I've had a similar problem with my X1300 card and my 65" LCD TV. You simply have to adjust the overscan values on the driver's control panel, and voila.
  2. Quote:
    Yes, I've had a similar problem with my X1300 card and my 65" LCD TV. You simply have to adjust the overscan values on the driver's control panel, and voila.

    I have been looking into this and it seems like nothing has been working though maybe I have no clue how to access the overscan values. So far I go to my digital panel's controls for custom HDTV resolutions and I put it in 720p or 1080i and then add a new custom resolution and set it to the size of the screen and nothing changes. Perhaps you could give me some details about where to change it ? The info I could find on overscan is 4 years old but I have probably not been searching with the proper key strings in google
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