gigabyte post beeps?

I can't find out what the beeps mean for a GA7 VTXE motherboard.
It beeps once, then gives 3 beeps.
Anyone know what this means because i can't find it in the manual or online.

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  1. can't find anything in the online pdf manual, tried a second agp card and it does the same.

    Taken out all other cards as well, even disconnected the hdd & dvd.

    Second agp definately works.
  2. Are you 100% sure?
    The MB does it with no agp card in place.......nfg methinks.
  3. ffs, the motherboard does not even have pins for the cmos...
    I'm glad that i did'nt buy this rubbish.

    I'm guessing that i need to short the solder next to it....this is also not in the manual....

    never gonna get another gigabyte mb....ever.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll be checking out ebay for a cheap replacement.
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