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I'll try and be brief my problem is that in my network (wired desktop, wireless laptop, dg834g router) I can access the desktop from the laptop without any problems (aside from firewall overrides and so on) but when I click on the laptop computer from the workgroup icon from the desktop I get prompted for a user name and password, (since the laptop has no password it's aparently 'not allowed') , if I set a password for the administrator account then enter it in the desktop I can connect, but I don't want to enter a password in the laptop everytime it starts.
The desktop also has no password yet I'm not prompted for it when logging in from the laptop. What I want to do is be able to share files and use the LAN without setting a password for the administrator account on the laptop is that possible ?
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  1. Yes, it is possible. Have you enabled shares on both machines?

    What OS are you running? If XP, is it Pro or Home?
  2. Yes, I ran the network wizard on both machines (both XP pro SP2) saying they both connect to the internet directly or through a network hub (option3 or the firts when you click 'other') and then turned on file sharing (recieved a warning and said yes)
  3. XP Pro is fussier to deal with in a typical home network than is XP Home.

    Side comment: XP Pro is not "the best" version of XP; it is the version of XP designed for use in a commercial network with IT staff. It is happiest when connected to a domain server. If you buy XP Pro for use in a home network, you will always have to deal with it thinking it is in a work environement where such things as user accounts and passwords are important security functions.

    Do either of your XP Pro machines have user accounts set up besides "Owner" and the default "Administrator" account?

    Do all accounts on both machines have administrator privilege?

    Have you made any adjustments to user or group privilege or other system management policies (password policy, etc.) using the Control Panel or the Administrative Tools?

    When you go to "My Network Places" on the desktop, what do you see?
  4. Arrrrgh ! Ok I seem to solved my problem for now by changing the option "limit local account use of blank passwords to console only" to disabled in the workgroup policy editor" (To get there for anyone else wanting to do this you type gpedit.msc in the run dialogue then go Computer configuration->Windows Settings->Local Policies->Security options and change the option to diabled. Thanks for your time and next time I'll seriously consider buying a more "Home oriented" OS when Vista is out :P
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