My hard disk is empty and windows os shows disk usage is 75%

in my hardisk with
G: size 465gb xp shows that 74.86 gb is remaining space......while space used is 0 , there are no hidden files , nothing in the disk
K: size 186gb same as above and remaining is 35 gb according to windows xp
i: size 196gb .in this only 9 gb is used and xp shows that 10gb is remaining//

i remember, last week everything was ok and all of sudden this problem has occurred.
all other drives are ok only these three are way over their own heads.

my system is

Intel Core i5-2300 cpu@2.8ghz
2.79ghz,3.48 GB of RAM
and windows is 32 bit/

help! please!
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  1. have u tried system restore or a virus scan? I've had similar issues with usb sticks and i had to reformat them to retrieve the lost space that was supposedly used up even though nothing was on the disk.

    if that doesnt work try to see how much space windows is using for restore points as well as hiberfil.sys (if hibernation is enabled), and pagefile.sys (virtual memory).

    I would try disk cleanup as u might have some hidden temp files taking up space.
    another issue might be ur bios might not recognize the size depending on how old they are, make sure u have the latest bios for your motherboard

    also have a look at this
  2. I'd run chkdsk x: /f where 'x' is the letter of the drive you want to check, in this case, once for G, once for J, and once for I drive.
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