1st start up of new rig, cant get past bios

started new rig for first time goes thru a pci devices listing gets to ACPI controller than i get:
Boot from c/d
disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter

ok its a gigabyte 965 ds3 with 2 gb (2 stick) of g skill ram, 8800GTS, and e6400
all fans are working (cpu fan sure takes its time but guessing its going off cpu heat?)
i am sooooo lost. wifey looking at me crosseyed. i so hoped this building thing would go easy but grrrr! lol
any i8deas? i can use some real help here all!!! thanks in advance. will be standing by for replys in case more info needed reazlly appreciate any help!!!!
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  1. Did you buy the hard drive from new aswell? i.e It has no operating system on it?

    Is the Hard Drive set to boot first device?
  2. Did you install an operating system? Linux or Windows?
  3. There is you're problem.

    Maybe you should install the OS first. Just make sure the DVD/CD ROM drive is set to first boot, so that it can detect the Windows or Linux CD in your drive.
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