Power Supply Problems

I've been having weird shutdown problems and my mobo monitor gives me the following warnings when I first log in:

Warning:=DDRV: 2.62V +5V: 4.95V +12V: 11.80V -12V: -12.61V -5V: -5.00V 5VSB: 4.87V

My +3.3V is currently at 2.9V as well but to surpress the alarm I dropped the warning threshold to 2.75V.

My question is twofold:

1. Does this mean my power supply is bad?

2. What do I have to consider when replacing it? I currently have an Antec SL350. My mobo requires an ATX 12V, and I have two SATA drives.

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  1. Thanks. That was a great resource. I have an additional question. Are all PSUs the same dimensions (WxHxD) or do they vary?
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