CPU Temperature too High?

Hey guys! I've noticed lately that my CPU runs at quite a bit higher temperature than what I commonly see on hardware discussions, etc. Under a full load, my CPU frequently tops 70*C and my MOBO around 40+* on the AsusProbe system monitor.

Is this Normal? I don't do any overclocking or anything and I just applied a new coat of Arctic 5 thermal paste this afternoon only to see the same results.

Here's what I'm running:
3.4ghz P4 on an ASUS P5GD1 mobo
Thermaltake Silent 775 cpu fan
Thermaltake Purepower 450W PSU
2 Gigs of Corsair ram
Nvidia 6600 PCIE
Audigy soundcard

And all of it is boxed into a Lian-LI case with a couple 8" fans up front, an 8" blowhole up top, and I think an 8 or 10" fan blowing out the back.

I just don't know what the problem is and I have a feeling that those temperatures are pushing the border line... The only thing that comes to mind is the CPU fan is a bit cumbersome to install since it has to have a bracket plate on the back of the mobo. So I have to screw in each corner individually, maybe that could be sloshing around the thermal paste too much?? Maybe I need to do a better job bundling up my PSU cables?? I don't know...

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help guys! I'm not expecting my PC to be an icebox, but I would like for it to run at acceptable temperatures =) Let me know if you need any more information
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  1. Temp does seem high, but I presume it is a P4 Prescott 775?

    If it is, it should start throttling at 76C, from what I read a long while back, and with it running at idle, about 50C?

    I've brought this web page up allot of times:

    Testing Thermal Throttling in Pentium 4 CPUs with Northwood and Prescott cores

    Basically it shows throttling with the CPU fan shut off. Those chips do run hot, and seem to be able to take the heat better though.
  2. 70c is normal for 3.4p4

    get a thermal right cooler and crank it up to 3.8ghz-4ghz @1.421.45v

    your temps will drop to 65c with a ultra-120 or even xp-90 - i use an ultra-90 my e6300 @2.8ghz 38c @100% cpu usage. same cooler on 4ghz p4 runs 65-70c @4.1ghz - i started selling 4.1ghz systems in 2003 no failures all with thermal right coolers - i tested alot of coolers and did alot of research even today the best cooler is the ultra 120.

    "Thermaltake Silent 775 cpu fan " if this is that low profile square heat pipe cooler with 4 pipes its a total junk! the one with the blue fan 90cm - i tested one these total garbage.

    i used it on fx-60 changed it out with a thermal right -- the rpm dropped from 3-4k to 2k and temps dropped 8c. it sounded like an airplane with "the silent cooler" to no sound with a thermal right ultra-90.

    xp-90 clips on you need rails for 775, or clips on socket 478 -- if you got 775 get the ultra-90 (new egg coolerguys pc toys $28-$33) its a push pin there is also a bolt on version. If you use an ultra 120 you need the bolt on version.

    trick: bend the arms slightly for more tension - if you temps are higher then 50c at idle try more thermal grease. depending on the mobo thickness you may not get enough pressure to even out the triple interface -slightly bending the 4 arms of the retaining clip in this case will drop temps 10c immeadiatly

    good coolers: thermal right, scythe, venessa - junk: zalman, themaltake

    venessa s is $33 and its a great cooler too. - any decent cooler is a copy of the xp-90 or its gigantic
  3. Awesome, thanks for the information Grimmy! At least now I know my CPU is not about to go through a melt down or anything

    DragonSprayer, I was looking at the Thermalright cooler you mentioned. Would the Ultra90 be compatible with future hardwares also? Reading through the site, it says it will fit Core 2 Duo's also. Because I'll be looking to upgrade in the next year or so and I'd hate to get a great fan that wouldn't carry over to my next system :?
  4. As long as it fits your socket... 775 compatible, should work.
  5. It idles around high 40s to 50*
  6. Hey DragonSprayer! I was wondering if you had any opinions regarding the fan to install with the Thermalright Ultra 90. Do you think it would be any problem to have a Nexus 92mm Real Silent fan installed with it? It's gotten great reviews, the only issue may be that it's only at 1500 rpms. Should I go with a more powerful fan like the 2400 rpm Panflo recommended by Thermalright?

    Thanks for your help!
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