Changes in msconfig now BSOD

i changed the amount of boot ram in msconfig now it bsod and i know why but the problem is when i boot into safe mode then go into msconfig i can see any lettering and can just get into the options where the ram is changed and i can click ok but after i hit ok i can not hit the apply button because i can not see it. i can not see almost anything in msconfig but i can see all of the desktop and the windows help window?

any solutions?

thanks in advance.

also when im in safe mode computer properties says 256mb usable memory and thats what it says in msconfig too.
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  1. Hi there,

    One thing that comes to mind in MSConfig, is to check and see if by chance you checked the screen resolution to 640x480, which would make everything very big relative to the screen, which would go back to your regular screen resolution when you booted regularly.
  2. i got it all figured out now but i have tried everything including screen resolution but the box would just continue through the floor if it could but it finally dawned on me that i could tab hopefully down to the apply button and it worked. set it back to both # cpus and memory back to unchecked and problem solved.
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