IDE - SATA Adapter?!?

Ok, so everything I have is IDE

My motherboard (in my sig) only has 2 channels (2 devices on 1 port) and its driving me nucking futs!

I need something cheap that will give take full advantage of my drives performance. HDD drives and optical drives.

Will an adapter work for optical drives? If not, then I want something that will allow my 320gb 7200.10 drive to run full speed. No bottlenecks.

But if there are options that will work with opticaldrives, I can accept performance enough to run my optical drives at their full performance. (dvd/CDRW)

And ideas? I went to frys and they have these $20 dinky ones, but I dont they they will give me the performance I want or if they will work with optical drives.
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  1. From my expereince I would not worry about it too much. the last thing that bottel necks a HD's preformence is the controller speed.

    ATA/100 is probobaly more then enought for most HD's in the market today. HD's so rearly reach their peak its pethetic.
  2. The issue is that I dont have enough IDE ports for all 5 of my devices... I need adapters to make them SATA :?

    Sorry if I wasnt clear... :tongue:
  3. Yes, you will be able to fully benefit and get 100% same performance using the adaptor.
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