DELL POWEREDGE 400SC, upgrading the AGP graphics card

My system specs are as follows: It's a P4 2.8 Ghz with 3 gigs of memory and power of 250 Watts. I want to upgrade from my GeForce FX 5200 NVIDIA 128MB to 256MB minimum. Based on my research attempting to go to a 512MB card will mean a power supply upgrade as well, since this Dell is weak.
In this case it means the PSU. Does this Dell have this kind of flexibility and is it "easy" to do it? Or will I have to bring it to a Best Buy or an electrician to do the job? In addition if it is something that I can do myself, what interdependencies are there that may affect the box after I have made this upgrade, if any? Thank you. :mrgreen:
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  1. since no one is replying, I did a quick google

    Q: Is the 400SC's power supply proprietary?
    A: For once, it looks like Dell has gone the right route and changed it's evil ways. The power supply is fully ATX compatible. Compare the Dell's wiring to the ATX spec wiring. Here are some pictures I took of the connector itself, connected to the motherboard and the power supply label. If you so choose, you may replace the Dell OEM power supply with an ATX power supply of your own. The only problem would be physically mounting the power supply, as Dell's case layout is a little unconventional.

    Q: Will the 400SC's puny 250W power supply handle my added components?
    A: Most probably. It's a very high quality power supply, and many have loaded up their 400SCs with graphics cards and drives a plenty with no problems.

    It looks like with some small modding(cutting the back of the case if needed and drilling new screw holes? maybe less than that) you can make a ATX PSU fit. A 7600gs(maybe even a 7600GT) may be able to run on that PSU.

    I hope this helps
  2. OK..........I kind of knew about that Dell FAQ as that was how I was aware about the power limitations.......some people have suggested the following cards.........ATI X1300, or Geforce 7300, X1650 Pro, or GF6200.......will my dell be able to handle these cards??? Trying to get the answer on power has not always been easy, even when I go to the manufacturer's website.......
  3. Yes, the PSU may be able to handle those cards. These cards that have been suggested will work well with anything besides newer games.

    You may want to open you case and check your exhisting PSU for a +12 volt amperage rating which should be locted on a chart on the side of the PSU. I'd guess around 15 amps - and that might just do it for a 7600GS, like nukemaster said; as long as your system isn't compacted with CD burners, DVD drives, multiple HD's, ect., taking power from the PSU.
  4. This is readily available information once I open the case I hope? Otherwise, google time a follow-up to your last comments I have a dual DVD burner, a DVD-ROM, 2 HDDs and a diskette drive. Judging from what you said I will have a power problem, right? Would removing the diskette drive alleviate some of the power consumption? Although I imagine the diskette drive should not draw so much power.
    The other question is if I wanted to upgrade my PSU how complicated is that process?
    Also, what about these cards? Geforce 7300 series, ATI X1300. What kind of power do they require, knowing I have a 250 Watt box?
  5. Don't worry about that PSU, you should be fine. In fact I recommend a more powerful card such as a 7600gt.

    I am on the stock Dell PSU that came with my Dimension and I will be purchasing the 7600gt soon.

    Apparently Dell underrates their PSUs. While I was scouring the Dell forums I did not even find one instance of a Dell PSU failing to handle the 7600gt.

    Actually, some members of the Dell forum have more power hungry cards like a 7800gs and a x1950pro running successfully on the stock PSU...but I wouldn't want to take that chance.

    If you need more reassurance, repost your question there.

  6. Thank you very much for your don't know how long I have been trying to figure out what card I should be buying as I have known what monitor I want to upgrade to..........I am now looking at the ASUS PW201 Black 20.1 LCD Monitor............anyway, thanks very much!!!!!!!!

    The thing about the box I have is that it's an AGP box and not PCI express. I have located this card in AGP mode, so it should not be a problem right?
  7. Actually, I was already speaking of the AGP version of the card, so no, there should be no problem. :wink:
  8. Cool thank you very ordeal is over :D
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