Linksys rv082/greenbow tunnel shows connected ping not worki

I was able to get greenbow tunnel to say connected but I noticed that I can not ping anything on the other side of the router. Also does the ipaddress/configuration show up in ipconfig.

My configuration looks something like this but as I mentioned the tunnel shows connected. Are the VPN userid and passwords on the rv082 needed for anything?

RV042 Firemware 1.3.1
Greenbow VPN Client - A quality VPN client
Linksys RV042 Configuration
Client to Gateway
Group No 1
Group Name Greenbow
Interface WAN1
Enable Check
Local Group Setup
Local Security Group Type Subnet
IP Address x.y.z.0
* Internal IP network
Subnet Mask
Remote Group Setup
Remote Client Domain Name FQDN
Domain Name
IPSec Setup
Keying Mode IKE with Preshared Key
Phase1 DH Group Group2 (1024)
Phase1 Encryption 3DES
Phase1 Authentication SHA1
Phase1 SA Lifetime 28800
Perfect Forward Secrecy Check
Phase2 DH Group Group2 (1024)
Phase2 Encryption 3DES
Phase2 Authentication SHA1
Phase2 SA Lifetime 3600
Preshared Key {Shared Key}

Greenbow VPN Client Configuration
Name rv042
Interface * <- any dynamic IP address
Remote Gateway {WAN IP address of RV042}
Preshared Key {Shared Key}
IKE: Encryption 3DES
IKE: Authentication SHA1
IKE: Key Group DH1024
* This must match the RV042 setting
Advanced:LocalID:Type DNS
Advanced:RemoteID:Value {null}
Advanced:RemoteID:Type {null}
Advanced:Aggressive Check
Name Tunnel1
VPN Client Address A.B.C.D
* IP MUST be of a different network address than the internal network.
* The client will appear as this IP to the internal network.
Address Type Subnet
Remote LAN Address x.y.z.0
* Internal IP Network. Must match RV042 setting.
Subnet Mask
ESP:Encryption 3DES
ESP:Authentication SHA1
ESP:Mode Tunnel
PFS Check
Group DH1024
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  1. can you ping the routers IP? if you cannot ping any remote PCs check the firewalls have "Allow ICMP echo requests" enabled in the WinXP machines.
  2. I have had problems with PING, using it to check connectivity... Instead try "telnet x.y.z.a 80" if you get a connection, the path is there... You will not be able to use telnet commands but you will know if a path exists!
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