Overclokcing Assus Striker withe CPU E6600


Does any have a mobo Asus striker and CPU E6600 and manage to overclock them?

I would like to know the setting (if possible screenshoots) so that i can overclock mine safely becuase i never done it before.

Thanks for any information that you will give me.
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  1. W/ BIOS 1002

    vcore 1.37500 in BIOS (1.34 in windows) got it stable at 333mhz FSB (3.0Ghz) which was the lowest voltage mine would work at that frequency.

    I think 333mhz FSB would be a nice OC for starters.
  2. With 1002 and 1004 bios version

    FSB & Memory Config
    FSB- Memory: Unlinked
    FSB: 1605
    Mem: 1067

    CPU Multiplier: 9
    Memory Timing Setting: 5 5 5 15
    VT: Disabled

    Over Voltage
    VCore: 1.450V
    Mem Voltage: 2.2V
    Everything Else is at AUTO

    Your setting may be different. (ex. you might have ram mem ddr2 800 - different memory timing).

    All this with liquid cooling (cpu block only), your results and settings may be different. See my sig.
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