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When did the motherboards begin using the 8 pin cpu connector instead of the 4? What is the difference? Is different power supplied or just more? Also can you hook up a 4 pin to the 8 pin with an adapter without hurting anything?
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  1. Because you can supply more power down 8 pins, or supply power from more than one rail.

    Its the same voltage, just more max total ampage.

    Yeah you can use a 4->8 pin adaptor, or just connect the 4 pin on its own.

    130W is the typical (not max) TDP of a QX6700. Thats over 10 Amps at 12v.

    Thats quite a lot of power for the thin little wires on a PSU.

    Overclock that QX6700 and it will easily be using 20 Amps of power or more at load. At that point you'd definately want to be connected with all 8 wires (half of these will be earths, so thats 5 Amps per +12v wire).

    On the other hand, most of us are running dual core conroes with a 65w TDP, or about 5.5 Amps total. As long as you are not overclocking, or at least not overclocking much, this should be ok.
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