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Original Gameboy System, Tetris and accessories

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November 30, 2004 5:51:04 AM

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December 13, 2004 9:52:14 PM

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Orbit8 wrote:
> Check out this great deal!

Nice to see even the old-school gameboys are still finding good homes.
My uncle's the only person I know who prefers the original gameboy
(with the pea-soup green screen in a postage stamp size) to any other
GB model. He looked at the DS in the store the other day and balked at
it. I played around with the DS and Metroid Prime Hunters on display
at Walmart the other night and absolutely loved it. The only thing I
didn't like was the directional-pad and buttons were reversed:
directional pad was controlling the up/down and look-around, while the
four buttons were doing forward/back, strafe left/right. I assume that
is the lefty user's configuration and is easily correctable. I made
the mistake of not purchasing a GameCube initially because the
controller configuration of the demo of 007 Agent Under Fire was
screwed up and it just bugged me that much. It took a friend
professing how great SMS was to get me to buy one.