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Hello all,

Everytime my CPU gets loaded about 60%, all voltages as reported by gigbyte utility will start to drop...at 80% loads

12V becomes 11.0
3.3V becomes 2.9
Vcore becomes 1.1
CPUvid becomes 1.07

Also the HS fan rpm will drop to 1200-1250 and over heat buzzer will go on..

I assume the PSU is not enough..and therefore much be changed..or secondary PSU installed to ease some load on main psu..

what ya'll say??
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  1. that's a sign of cheap or worn out psu - that's classic signs of el cheapo psu

    a good psu the voltage goes up very slightly with increased demand

    secondary psu's are a bad idea if your talking a 5.25" slide in those are bad news -DO NOT USE A 5.25" AUX PSU!

    if your talling 2 125w xeons and 8 hard drives and 2 gtxs and your 1000w is stressed and your going to add a 600 - in your giant server box made for 2 full size psu's - thats ok!
  2. when i say aux psu..i mean a regular PSU modded to run stand alone and controlled by relay for powering the fans, HDD's and stuff

    I know power draw for this pc is quite high..high quality PSU goes up in cost with rated wattage and in terms of economy, PSU quality doesn't matter for powering fans..
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