8800 gts 320mb windows vista score

does any one have any idea how much score 8800 gts 320 mb has in windows vista system properties. vista gives core of each thing ram cpu GPU thanks
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  1. GTX scores a small 5.9, I expected 6.0 but what can you do..

    Would expect around the same for the GTS maybe a little less but not alot.

    While we're on the subject not trying to hijack your thread but does anyone know th CPU vs Ghz comparison only getting 5.0 with my stock 6400, I know it just a number but its the little things that annoy me

    Anyways hope this helps
  2. 5.9 is the highest score you can get.
  3. thanks first of all. but i can't understand your question. you mean getting 5.0 in vista for your e6400. vista will display the lowest score as your pc score. but that shouldn't effect much as your gpu scorce is 5.9. vista is the resource hong
  4. score means nothing it just gives you something to go by and to compare with others.
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