Will VIA ever make a dual core?

I was thinking about this today... and Im just curious...

Will VIA ever make a dual core processor? We all know that Intel and AMD are well in to the multi-core era... but VIA, the only other x86 chip producer i know of, has yet to make anything multi core.

I know that VIA chips have never been good performers in the past, but even with say, a dual core C7, it would add a decent performance boost, it would still be extreemly cheap, consume almost no power and put out VERY little heat, like they already do... so why dont they go ahead and do it? Im sure they would be very useful in low end laptops... as battery life would be almost never ending compared to other offerings as long as you arent looking for extreme mobile performance, but still be capable of doing what you need.

What are your thoughts on this?
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  1. probably not... since they are very much loosing profits in every sector they compete....

    but who knows maybe tomorrow? :D :twisted:
  2. via is the most retarded company i hav ever seen in my life, lame chipsets that hardly work. they make processors? for ppl living under rocks maybe
  3. yup.... good thing nvidia released the nforce chipsets for axp. most of the boards i buy with via chipsets particularly the kt333 and kt400 are 4:1 (4 defective:1 good)
  4. My gut feeling is sometime in 2008-9 Via usualy lags behind a few years behind Intel. The way AMD used to a long time ago (waayyy back when they where just a sub contractor for Intel) While they dont make the most exciting processors they do make good processors for home theatre boxes.
  5. I kinda doubt that they ever will.
    This article says that VIA was supposed to release a dual core by Q2 of 2005.....

    Did that happen? NOPE!

    Funny thing, it also says that the chip they were developing was going to use two pieces of silicon.....which is similar to Intel's quad cores nowadays.
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