8800gts 3d mark 06 qestion

I was wondering what everyone was getting with the 8800gts 640mb in 3d mark 06. I seem to be getting lower scores then the rest. I am in the:

high 2k's for sm2.0
high 3k's for sm3.0
and 1.5k for my cpu.

My total is 7002, or around there. When I am looking at other scores it seems that peole are getting consistently higher scores then me, especially in sm2.0.
I have a feeling that it is my cpu but I was just wondering. When I play games, dark messiah, hl2, bf2142, I play with max aa and af and have no problems at all. I am getting 80 plus in cs source stress test and 100% above 40 in fear with a max of 210. I think that at the low resolution in 3dmark06 with no aa or af my cpu is creating a bottleneck. What does everyone think? For now everything runs great but In the next few months or so I will probably go with a c2d.

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  1. Your score looks normal to me, and if anything is holding you back, it is deffinately your CPU.
  2. thanks... that what I was thinking too. I oc'd the card to 930/2000 and there really wasn't that much of a difference is scores so I definatly think that it is the cpu. I'm in the process of overclocking the cpy but my mobo isn;t the greatest. It has preset fsb numbers and the one above my current setting,200, puts me at 4.2 ghz, with a 266 fsb, and the cpu won't work at that setting. I;ve tried to increase the voltage up to it's max recommended to no avail. When I restart and look at the bios it is back to original even after saving the settings to cmos. I think that in a few months it will be core 2 for me.

  3. Holy Crap!!! I will get that much of an increase in score. Are you serious? What does everyone else think?

  4. So are you confident that if I upgraded to a c2c then i would prolly almost double my scores or at least see a significant improvement over my pd 940?

    thanks again,
  5. Quote:
    I think that in a few months it will be core 2 for me.

    Can I have your old cpu?

    Yes, yes i know it is not fast. However, it is MUCH faster than my dell's 2.4 ghz P4.....He he... they run around 180 on the 'egg...I can give you $80...maybe a bit more... I'm mostly kidding, but it would give me a good reason to build a new pc for my parents! (the dell is kind of theirs..)

    I'm sure your current rig can eat my graphics anyday for a mid-breakfast snack...
    (the 7600gt.... waiting for more dx10 cards..)
  6. Yeah, with my 3800 X2 AMD i got around 6700 in 3DMark06. After I OC'd to 2.5 GHz I got 7300...and CPU is still holding me back.
    No point in OC'ing GTS till I get better CPU...
    I'll switch to Conroe in a while also....
  7. Here are my 06 results w/o spyware and symantic running in the backround:

    Main Test Results
    3DMark Score 7122 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score 3002 Marks
    SM 3.0 Score 3655 Marks
    CPU Score 1569 Marks
  8. rapidbunny you have pm lol :D

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