Coolmax 600W dual rail 12v power supply w/120mm internal fan

Coolmax 600W dual rail 12v power supply w/120mm internal fan & built in 3 speed fan controller. SLI support, SATA support, no modular cables, or fancy sleeving tho 8(. Nice thick finish, with glossy paint. 19amps x 2 is the best part, and its' also high-efficiency rated.

I'd rate this at about a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. There are a couple things that could/would be better, but some say the modular connectors degrade performance & cable sleeving is just an aesthetic thing. A cheap sleeve & connector kit on this PSU and it could be stunning in appearance.

A lit fan could/would have been nice, but most of those usually suck as fans - so is that even really a tradeoff? A clear panel or 3 would/could be cool, but I could mod that in..

A remote panel for the fan controller switch would/could be a good thing, but that would also push up the price. Reaching behind the case, with my external 120mm (for the internal 120mm radiator) fan can be dicey! That fan is moving! Anyways.. The switch is nice, but only once in a while does it get changed.
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  1. coolmax are junk i had 6 psu fail over 2 years - some in a few months some in a few years

    -----> coolmax---> look cool, they are quiet they have 12cm fans - but they run very hot and have low output

    i use alot of different parts - currently i have 12-15 different mobos (new ones i have not used) - coolmax is junk

    get a $110 strider 600 do yourself a favor
  2. I think you could be right. I had my system complain yesterday at boot that the vid card was not plugged into its 6 pin PCIe socket, whereas it was clearly connected.

    I keep the asus monitor tools in action most of the time, so the voltages are monitored presently. I do plan to get something different. Will check into the one you mentioned.

    Thanks for the tips...
  3. This supply has 19A on each of two rails, which should be plenty..

    I have had my 6800GS card slow down, and pop up a message that it isn't being powered properly, indicating I should plug in the 6pin cord. Obviously I didn't forget to plug it in, nor did it fall out.. It was plugged in.. A reboot fixed that issue.
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