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Since I installed Windows 7 on my Dell Precision M70 Laptop the Microphone does not seem to work? Speakers are ok since I downloaded a driver for windows Vista. Can you help
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  1. You didn't offer much information. So for now, I'd recommend that you check to see if your microphone application is "muted". Left click on your speaker icon. A volume bar will pop up, and at the bottom, you will see "MIXER". Click on "MIXER". You will then see the speaker, mike, and perhaps something else there. There are slider bars there to raise or lower the volume of different sound applications. Also, at the bottom, you will see a small icon. If you click on that it will either mute or un-mute the device that you want to control.

    Good Luck!
  2. Thank-you onederer... I took another look and made sure the Mike was not muted, played with the mixer as you suggested but still no luck. I did however plug an external microphone into the Mike socket on the rhs base of the laptop and this seems to work ok... at least for Skype.... Will run with this solution for now.... Thanks again though..
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