Motherboard problem- freezeups when PCI card added

I have a Shuttle motherboard that causes freeze-ups and need a solution. Computer works fine until I insert a Netgear wireless network card into one of the PCI slots. After a card is inserted the OS will freeze. I've tried Windows 2000, XP, and Debian Linux on this machine and get freeze-up with all. The wireless card works fine on my other computer.

Attempted solutions:
1. Checked for IRQ conflicts, can't find any.
2. Use a different PCI slot, the computer still freezes
3. Remove the card, no freeze problem
4. Update all drivers from Shuttle website and Netgear website - still freeze

The board is a Shuttle MV43V/N socket 478 with Celeron processor.
The card is a Netgear WG311T
This is a computer that I brought home from work. We stopped using it at work due to the freeze-ups while using a different PCI card so I don't think the Netgear card or driver is causing the problem.

Any ideas?
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  1. Try with no PCI cards.
    Test the memory with memtest86+.
    It could be the power supply as well.
  2. If mobo freezes with PCI card, it may have a problem assigning resources such as IRQ or memory address. Have you cleared the cmos to start fresh? I know you would like to get the card to work, but how about a USB wireless card?
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