Best way to send large files over the net?

Can anyone tell me what the best and fastest way to send larger files(1gb) over the internet to my gf who is away at school?? Is there a way to connect directly?
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  1. This is one service

    another is

    Both offer free service.
  2. THanks, I treid them but they leave alot to be desired in the speed department. My uploads start at aroun 1500kbps but slow down to around 175kbps after a few minutes. Is there anyway to get like a direct connection between my computer and hers? We both have fast broadband cable connections, and we have plenty of bandwith but cant figure out how to send directly to each other.
  3. What you are seeing is caching of the file. The limiting factor is your uplink speed. Most Broadband have 5+mbps down, BUT your uplink speed will be 512kbps or less depending on your ISP. I have FIOS service which gives me 5/2mbps. I had a friend test my Snap4500 FTP setup last night, my uplink was close to 2.5mbps. I have seen some DSL with 3/3mbps.

    I think your ISP uplink is your problem.

    Most email system can handle ~8meg files. So that is another option for you.
  4. I dont think my internet connction is the problem. I have a 30down 5up cable connection. I think the problem is that throttles the upload speeds of large files when u use the free version. Its got little blue and yellow bars on the bottom of the screen that shows how much they are throttling your upload speeds, at the begining it gives you the full speed but as time goes by they gradually throttle back the upload speed more and more. With a smal file of a few mb it works fine and I get speeds of almost 2mbps but on large 1gig files it throttles me down to around 200kbps.
  5. With that bandwidth setup your own ftp server. That is what I do with my NAS boxes.

    That or pay for the premium service.
  6. Try !
    It's a great way to send large files fast, and Swap it! Encrypt it! doesn't require a membership to use they're service.
  7. FTP or a simple VPN would be the best solution in my opinion, then u can send each other files back and forth all you like.
  8. An FTP maybe be simple for guys like you, but FTP's are not simple and require a lot of know how to use. is stupid easy to use, takes no time at all, doesn't require installing or learning to use an FTP client. Etc...

    * It's a very inexpensive way to file share, as well Swap it! Encrypt it! doesn't rape me financially like You Send It does!
  9. Hi,

    I normally use for the large files, and it works just fine.
  10. Hi All,

    Please help, my inbound email are being delayed every time i send them out.Please help how i can speed this up.Your help will be highly appreciated guys.

  11. Yup, I use to use There services were okay for a while, but then I realized how much I was paying to send files.


    Lets say you want to send a 2 gig file transfer and you don't have a membership with
    To send that 2 gig file you're going to pay $8.99 through yousendit where as through
    you'd only pay $5.99.

    Disadvantages to's services are: It's requires a membership to use their service
    Their service isn't as fast as Swap it! Encrypt it!
    Encryption does not come standard with yousendit's services does not work from mobile devices.
  12. That site I use to send large files, is really great. They improved that site a lot! I have been using there Lite (free) service for a while now, cuz they are allowing unlimited uploads and downloads of files up to 25 MB in size, and it was weird cuz they were upgrading the site all around me.

    Anyway, yesterday I found a coupon code I tried it. The coupon code lets me save 30% on whatever size file transfer I need to send.
    Coupon Code: savenow

    Feel free to share it with whoever.
  13. I wanted to let everybody know they can save 20% when using Swap it! Encrypt it! to send large files.
    The new coupon code is: Save

    Recently Swap it! Encrypt it! added unlimited downloads and other features to their file transfer service. As well they seem to be up to a top secret project that might possibly change how people share files with each.

    Use Swap it! Encrypt it! Lite to send unlimited files for free, via e-mail or social network platforms.
    Also keep you're eyes open for Swap it! Encrypt it!'s up coming's still in the works, but rumor has it they will be having a contest in which they will give away three months of free unlimited file transfers up to 2 Gb in size to three lucky people!

    I'm stoked.
  14. Try Binfer. It can send large files fast and directly between computers. No need to upload or download anything.
  15. Quote:
    Try Binfer. It can send large files fast and directly between computers. No need to upload or download anything.

    Hey I just checked out that site (, and I'd advise you don't recommend things you don't understand.
    " transfers files between computers with out uploading or downloading anything" ???
    That's an out right lie and makes no sense at all, you must not understand computer science.

    Anyway, I checked out because I'm always looking for the next best way to transfer files; however,
    I realized very quickly is a desk top app. Desk top apps are useless! Lol, you have to be at your computer or at another computer that has that desktop app installed in order to use it!

    I can understand the need of a new company to sell it's products, but lieing and misrepersenting what your software is or can do is not the way to do it! I have tired a lot of these pay and free internet file transfer sites and they suck. Download speeds are extremely slow and the up load speeds are even worse.

    I totally understand the need for a fast inexpensive way to transfer large files and that's why I use Swap it! Encrypt it!
    ( ) Here, I have a free coupon code: Free It's good for unlimited file transfer up 2 GB in size (and I think it should be good for the next week or so). Try Swap it! Encrypt it! out for yourself.

    Swap it! Encrypt it! is a contract free per paid service; however, I heard recently they are just about to launch the worlds first no contract based membership service as well! Besides being fast I can access my per paid file transfer in two ways....right after I make my payment or later via my up load link I receive via e-mail, so if I get disconnected I never lose the transfer I paid for....I can keep going back to my upload page until I successfully send the file. Plus I get tons of free features other companies charge me for....password protection, confirmation e-mails and so on.....
  16. Dear Taylor87

    Apparently your strategy to sell your product is by discrediting other services. You have posted 6 entries
    about your service. I thinks users are smart enough to understand your motives. But thanks for giving us the opportunity to clarify few things about Binfer.

    There are three common ways to transfer large files: 1. middle-man approach, 2. direct file sharing and 3. FTP.

    99% of file transfer services, including the one you mention, use the middle-man approach. They require you to upload it first on some hosting server and then the receiver downloads it. There are hundreds of such services and there is nothing cool or unique about them. IMHO they are very dangerous and I would never upload my private data on someone else's server without having a high degree of trust and understanding exactly how they treat my data. We have all heard of the story of how twitters hosted document were hacked.

    Now lets talk about direct file sharing. When Internet was created the intention was to create direct connections between computers [TCP/IP]. However, the growth of internet NAT devices [like wireless routers and firewalls] prevented direct connections, therefore preventing people to use internet in the intended way. Well that was until Binfer.

    What Binfer does is create direct connections between two computers and files transfer directly and "live". Meaning, they don't get uploaded on a third party server first. So, the data is never copied on any third party hosting servers. Now, how it does that is the patented secret sauce, which does involve some pretty heavy computer science stuff ;-). Direct file transfer is the most private and secure way to transfer data; as it was originally intended.

    Now, to your point about desktop application. Web browser is a desktop application, IM is a desktop application and the list goes on. Now why was Binfer developed as a desktop application? Main reasons:
    - Direct and secure file transfer: I think enough was said about this above
    - Resume of interrupted transfers: Most upload based services cannot do this. Imagine sending or receiving a 1 GB file. It could take upto 4 hours and if the transfer interrupts at 99% you have to start all over. Binfer automatically resumes interrupted transfers.
    - Multiple file transfers: With most upload based services, you can only select one file at a time. With Binfer, you can drag and drop 1000's of files of any size and Binfer manages the transfers, behind the scene.
    - Some other cool stuff that is being developed, such as private VOIP communications and web publishing from desktop. Stay tuned.

    As far as speed goes, you have to actually try Binfer to believe the high transfer speeds.

    Finally, about your point about being online to transfer. Don't you have to be online when you use upload based services?

    Whenever a new technology comes, which does things different than the norm, there is always disbelief and discrediting and I understand that.
  17. Dude that's all meaning less, if that's how your system operates than that's how you should explain it to people; however, uploading is uploading whether the file goes to a "middle man" site as you state or directly to another users computer, and uplaoding to a server is far safer and faster than computer to computer transfers, this is why the interenet is server based.

    Their are far more disadvanategs to the program your company offers than the disdavantage of using a site that uploads to a server, and as far as how I choose to advertisit Swap it! Encrypt it! goes I'm not lying I have tested every site and program on line (including yours) and they all suck (except you yousendit, which my service is still faster and cheaper than). Everything I've said about my site is true and my users know it. Swap it! Encrypt it! was created so it would be better than the best, so why and they hell wouldn't I point that out?

    The biggest problem with p2p systems are that users are relient on both of the computers being used in the file transfer process being fast as well as having a second copy of the P2p program. P2p systems aren't fast and will never be better than so called php to ftp up loader apps, period. Want to know the turth, the new age of php is about to hit the market
    in the next 4 years and when it does it's going to improve php to ftp upload services even more! Which is almost hard to believe that could be possible, but that's what I have been reading.

    Desk top app's can be imparticle at times and are useless for those on the go, as well we already offer resumeable uplaods and so that takes care of unstable browser problems and later we plan on launching a few app's (including a desktop app).

    I'm not attaching you personally man, or even your product... this is business and my product is better.
    Try it out for your self: Coupon code: Free and send files up to 2 GB Let me know what you tyhink,.

    Taylor Steele

    PS. Swap it! Encrypt it! is about to luanch the worlds first contract free file transfer service, we are able to do that becuase we are innovators and not just a group of people that just decided start a file sharing service. Swap it! Encrypt it! is dedicated to poviding the best, most relieable and fastest (uploads and downloads) internet based file transfer service possible.

    PSS. Anyone reading this that wants to prove me wrong can use SIEI for free and then can contact me through this fourm to tell me why they weren't happy with the service, I'd LOVE to hear user feed back. Couopn code: Free I've had 3 complaints to date out of 2000 + users, and only 1 of the problems were cuased by a minor glitch that had occured in our back end system.
  18. Good Luck Taylor. May the best app win.
  19. Cheers !
  20. I have had very good results with the free service at Up to 2 GB per day free, and it took me about 1 hour 20 min. to upload a 1,400 MB file. Download is much faster.

    No registration required
    ● Max file size per day is 2GB in free account
    ● Easy to use
    ● Upload window allows selecting multiple files

    For the price, I can't beat it. :)
  21. - this a special beast. Sends files directly browser-to-browser. The fastest way I know.
  22. Burn a DVD and mail it.

    frankienyc123 said:
    Can anyone tell me what the best and fastest way to send larger files(1gb) over the internet to my gf who is away at school?? Is there a way to connect directly?
  23. Call me crazy for suggesting this, but MSN messenger...
    You could drag and drop to a conversation an leave it running for as long as it takes.
    also dont I remember somewhere you can share folders with other people. if time online and bandwidth aint a problem...
  24. Connect directly with Hamachi, free as long as your don't use it for commercial stuff.
  25. if you have port forwarding, you can use windows file sharing over the internet to.
  26. Kewlx25 said:
    if you have port forwarding, you can use windows file sharing over the internet to.

    How does that work?
    Do you just port forward all of the ports your need then, on your remote location you just type
    \\"your interent ip, or DNS name of your computer you are trying to connect to"?
  27. These days there's a lot of file sharing services to choose from. For personal use, OneDrive would do the trick. For businesses that have lots of employees that need to send large files, they can look to ad hoc file transfer solutions to securely send large files:
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