E6600 CPU HSF - Confused

I have been trawling the net looking at all sorts of solutions to cool my E6600 down more than the Intel stock HSF. So am really really befuddled by it all now.

I am running an E6600 on a GA-965P-DS4 in a Gigabyte Triton case.

I looked at Gigabytes Galaxy II liquid cooling system as it should fit in with their case but am lookign at a lower budget solution with an Air cooler.

Can you chaps sort through all the chaff and give an idea of the best bang for buck air HSF for E6600.
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  1. The best bang for the buck is to keep the stock Intel cooler. It cools well, temperatures are fine.

    What are your current temps?
  2. I liek the zalman 9500/9700. The former worked nicely with my E6400. Might need a big case though.
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