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Let me preface this post by stating that I have read a ton of threads on the 1950PRO issues, and the genereal troubleshooting threads here. What I am looking for are answers specific to my build. I built the computer in my sig January of this year, first attempt at building a PC. As you can see I was working on a budget. I initially was going with a 7900GS video card, but swapped it for the 1950PRO at the last minute due to stock issues, but was pleased to find that the 1950 was more cost effective anyhow. Put it all together within a couple hours with no problems whatsoever, and have had no problems with it until last weekend. I mainly use the PC to play WoW, but last weekend my brother dropped off Oblivion and FEAR. The 1950 handles both games like a champ, running at maxed/nearly maxed settings 1440x900 at good frame rates. That said, after playing Oblivion for a good six hours my PC just restarted. It happened a 2nd time the next day after about an hour of play. Also when playing Fable it has locked up (forcing hard reboot) twice during zone changes, and finally restarted on my once while playing WoW (right after the Fable issues).

I am 99% sure this is a power / heat issue, the latter being a syptom of the prior. I was unaware of the neediness of the card when I swapped it for the 7900GS, but understand now that my PSU cannot supply the 1950 properly.

PSU Specs
Type: ATX 12V Ver.2.2
Maximum Power: 500W
Fans: Dual 8 cm ball bearing fans with LED light
Main Connector: 20 + 4Pin
Dual +12V: Yes
PCI-E Connectors: 2 x 6Pin
SLI Support: Yes
Modular Cabling Support: No
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Input Voltage: 115/230 V
Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
Input Current: 10ARMS max. for 115 VAC 6ARMS max. for 230 VAC
Output: +3.3V@22A,+5V@16A,+12V1@15A,+12V2@16A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A
MTBFP: >100,000 Hours

When I first built the PC, the video card idled at round 48 Celsius, but now idles around 52. This is most likely due to the fact it is no longer below 30 outside and my apartment is no longer an icebox. I know the 1950Pro runs hot, I see it get up to 75 Celsius regularly (probably over). I am pretty sure the higher temperatures are straining my already inadequate PSU, causing the reboots/lock ups. Or are the high temps are being caused by the inadequte PSU. (I'm not the most hardware-savvy person, so *shrug*.) I do not think my card is merely 'overheating'.

All that said, I see a few options (with cost):

1. RMA the card for one that is less power hungry. ($50-75) Don't really want to do this, as it seems like a cop out and the card does perform well other than the problems listed above. There are no artifacting or weird graphics issues at all.

2. Purchase a new power supply. ($115-150) I understand that this is the best answer, but its also the most expensive. I probably wouldn't be able to do this for a month or so.

3. Purchase the Thermaltake 250W GPU Power Supply. ($50-75) From what I can tell this should solve my problem. But I am not sure.

So my questions are:

A. Based on my build, would the Thermaltake GPU Supply be sufficent for my card? If so, is there anything else I need to worry about using that PSU?

B. If not, what is the most cost effective power supply that will work? (Both single rail and dual rail, but if I am going to purchase a new PSU I'll probably go with single.)

C. Most importantly, by running my PC as is until I choose/implement a solution am I putting any of my hardware at risk? Worst case, it will take me a month before any change is made. I do have another video card (6800XT) I could swap in, in the mean time, that would probably be fine with my current PSU.

(Other details: I am currently running the newest Catalyst driver and am using CCC to measure the card temps.)
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  1. I see that your 12Vrails have 15A and 16A, but what's the Voltage output in those rails? Tell me please if you can. Because you may not have the 31A you think you have.
  2. I guess I am not sure what you are asking. From the label it doesn't look like there is a "max" output (as in each rail is 15A and 16A respectively but there is a max of 25A or something like that). For simplicity sake here is an image of the PSU:

  3. Well, you seem to have enough Amps on the psu and it should run a higher system than yours. Maybe she is dying...

    Because the wattage output on the 12v raisl (350W) divided by 12 (12V) gives you the Amperage which is 29Amps in your case.

    I'm not sure, but the rated Amperage on the +5V rail seems too low. 16Amps may not be enough
  4. You may want to try playing your games with the case open and with one fan blowing to the mobo northbridge and another blowing to the gpu cooler.
    See if it happens again.

    And run memtest just to be sure.

    If later you decide to buy a new psu, drop at least $80 on a known brand one with 600W
  5. Yeah I think the real problem here is the X1950PRO 'requires' 450W on a 12V Rail and 30A to run properly. I guess my real question was if the Thermaltake in addition to my current PSU would be able to provide that, and still be okay for the rest of the components in my system.
  6. That's not true. I know guys running a x195'pro in 22Amps. ATI enjoys seeing people burning money on super priced psus...

    So, that leads me to think your psu is faulty or dying (if it's psu related).
    As for buying that thing, was a good idea if you know your psu is healthy. Because you may buy the thermaltake one and still have the main psu fucked up.
  7. I had a X1950pro and used it with a fortron 400W (30A total on 12V) without problems. I am now using the same psu for my X1900XT!

    So if you have a good brand it should work fine.

    The problem i had with the X1950pro (and many other people had it) was the VRM getting way to hot to stay stable. So yes put an extra blower on the end of the card and test it.

    Please let us know the outcome.
  8. Yeah I guess from peoples recommendations you should use a 30A+ single rail or 22A+ dual rail PSU for all the x1900 series cards. I think I will go with the Thermaltake PSU 'booster' and toss in a PCI fan for good measure.
  9. I haven't had good experiences with Rosewill PSUs. My roommate had one (a 550W I think) for a year or so and then it started chewing through motherboards (2) until we got it replaced. So I would replace the PSU on general principals anyway.

  10. yeah, good reccomendations, also, buy a known brand PSU, like antec, zippy, thermaltake bfg or ernemax, something that isnt a cheap job made from melted down aluminum cans in the back of some slack jaws house.
  11. Quote:
    Yeah I guess from peoples recommendations you should use a 30A+ single rail or 22A+ dual rail PSU for all the x1900 series cards.

    uhhhh...not really...its really not that precise. As you said its recommended but it should still work with his PSU.

    I only have a 380 watt psu with a single rail +12V at 22A, and i dont have any problems with my x1950 pro.

    try the cooling method thats been recommended.
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