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I have a Western Digital WD1200B005-RNN enclosure. I tooke the WD1200BB 120GB hard drive out and put a Western Digital WD3200JB 320GB hard drive in to try to upgrade it.

Windows will only register 128GB of space on the drive. I can only assume this is limitations due to what little hardware is in the enclosure.

Is anyone familiar with a way, program or even messing w/ the enclosure itself, to change the enclosure to allow the hard drive to be bigger than 128GB?
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  1. Do you have XP SP1 and 48-bit LBA-compatible BIOS?

  2. Yes. I even hooked the hard drive up directly to the PC and it shows up correctly as a 300,000,000 byte, 320GB hard drive.

    Sorry I forgot to mention that.
  3. I now have a theory. I think the enclosure has a chip inside that only allows for FAT32 File system and therefore only allows for 128GB or "127.53 gigabytes" according to Wikipedia. Anyone able to confirm or deny this?
  4. Like he said, the enclosure may be limited to 128 GB drives, because that is the limit of the chip.
  5. That is possible. 48-bit LBA support necessary to recognize over 137GB came later, and some earlier enclosures did not have it. See if the WD website can confirm this in the unit's specs.
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